Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween door decorations range from autumn harvest themes to downright creepy ghouls and ghosts. Depending on what your outdoor Halloween theme is, the right Halloween door decorations can be a wonderful finishing touch.

Look for spooky decorations for the front door. You can purchase full-length plastic door coverings printed with illustrated images that give the illusion that the door is the entrance to a haunted house, dungeon, graveyard or coffin. Place cobwebs in the corners above the door and load them with plastic spiders. Make a scary door curtain out of long strips of tattered cloth and splatter red paint on them to look like a bloody beast lives within. Make the place look like it's condemned with several "Keep Out" and "Beware" signs hung on the door. For the ultimate Halloween door decoration scare, purchase a gargoyle doorknocker with a motion sensor that groans and screams when people approach.

If spooky decorations are not your style, opt for more whimsical Halloween door decorations. Friendly door covers come with printed images of cartoon ghosts handing out candy, sweet-faced vampires and werewolves and silly skeletons. Choose door curtains that will make guests smile, such as one with long shimmery strands and a happy spider on top. Try a door curtain with a jack-o-lantern on top and long orange and green fringe. Choose Halloween symbols such as black cats, full moons, trick or treaters and candy corns for party door decorations. Because a decorated door sets the mood for the rest of the house, it lets guests know that there are no scary tricks inside, just treats.

Don't let your enthusiasm for Halloween door decorations stop at the door. Decorate the doorframe with a holiday garland of spiders, ghosts, bats or pumpkins. Simply affix the door trim around the outside of the doorframe and create a festive border. If your doorway has a window above or beside it, use glow in the dark window clings to decorate. For those who are really interested in transforming their front door into a Halloween haven, buy or make a door façade. These detailed hard foam pieces assemble easily and look like they've been carved from stone. Try a skull archway façade, a dungeon gate or a mausoleum entrance to turn your home into a creepy place that kids can't wait to visit.

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