Homemade Halloween Yard Decorations

The selection of Halloween yard decorations ranges from cute and whimsical to downright creepy. With effort and creativity, you can assemble homemade Halloween yard decorations that kids will love to scream about.

Autumn Bounty. Celebrate the harvest season with orange twinkle lights in all the tree branches. Set out plenty of pumpkins and gourds around a scarecrow sitting comfortably on a hay bale. Illuminate your sidewalk with luminaries made from glass jars filled with sand and lit candles and don't forget outdoor decorations such as a wreath or garland. Other outdoor decorations for this theme are bundles of corn stalks, large bare tree branches set in buckets with autumn ornaments tied to the ends and chrysanthemums in pots (weather permitting). On Halloween night, set out some jack-o-lanterns for a Halloween emphasis.

Haunted House. Turn your home into the creepiest one on the street with fake gravestones on the lawn and a smoke machine creating a spooky mist. Set a few glowing ghosts around the gravestones and on the house and dangle black bats from every tree branch. Choose a monstrous Halloween inflatable as the focal point, such as a giant black spider or a witch's cauldron. Make sure each window of your home has fake spider webs and window clings of rats, spiders, bats or ghosts peeking out. If you are using jack-o-lanterns for Halloween party decorations, give them a frightening look with battery powered mini lights in green, red, purple or blue.

Child Friendly. For a home that looks inviting to the youngest trick or treaters, consider a whimsical inflatable of a pumpkin pyramid, a ditzy witch or a sweet black cat. Trim the doorway, banisters and pillars with strands of pumpkin or bat lights and place happy-faced jack-o-lanterns near the door. Choose colorful window appliqués that feature friendly Halloween symbols, such as bats, pumpkins, full moons and witches. Keep lots of outdoor porch lights on to welcome guests and consider placing extra outdoor spotlights in orange and yellow to light up the exterior.

Monster Madness. Invite all the monsters to hang out at your house when you select monster props for your Halloween outdoor decorations. Choose a grim reaper statue to greet visitors and line the driveway with skull lawn stakes. Whether you choose life size mummy, vampire or zombie props, make sure that there are plenty of ghouls around every corner. Check out the latest in moving and animated props as outdoor decorations available at most retail stores, such as motion-activated talking monsters, talking pirate heads and laughing vampires that raise and lower their coffin lids. Choose window posters that feature creepy eyes and play a CD of monster sounds that will cause shivers up and down the street.

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