Halloween Birthdays

Have you ever wondered if anyone interesting was born on Halloween? There are more people who have Halloween birthdays than you might have imagined.

Jan Vermeer, 1632
Jan Vermeer was a Dutch painter known for his middle-class domestic scenes. Largely ignored for almost 200 years, experts today only recognize 35 paintings as being truly Vermeers, including the famous "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

John Keats, 1795
John Keats, an English Romantic poet, is known today for poems such as "Ode on a Grecian Urn" and "Ode to a Nightingale." Keats died at the age of 25 of tuberculosis, a disease that had also taken his mother and one of his brothers.

Juliette Gordon Low, 1860
An eccentric charmer, Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah, Georgia. Low was active in the arts and in the Spanish-American War effort. In 1911 she met Sir Robert Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in England. In 1912 Low brought the movement to the United States, ultimately founding the Girl Scouts of America.

Dale Evans, 1912
Born Frances Octavia Smith, Dale Evans was a big-band singer, actress, songwriter, author and wife of Roy Rogers. Called the "Queen of Cowgirls," Evans was inducted into the National Cowgirls Museum and Hall of Fame in 1995.

Terrence W. Wilcutt, 1949
Terrence W. Wilcutt, born in Russellville, Kentucky, became a test pilot after teaching math in high school and then joining the Marine Corps. After becoming an austronaut, Wilcutt piloted two Space Shuttle missions, and then commanded missions to the Mir Space Station and to the International Space Station.

John Candy, 1950
Comedian and actor John Candy delighted audiences in films, including Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Cool Runnings, and Uncle Buck. Candy's life was cut short by a heart attack in 1994.

Adam Horovitz, 1966
Adam Horovitz is one of the members of the Beastie Boys. Horovitz plays the guitar, the bass, the sitar and the keyboards. He also produces records and acts.

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Adults and kids now see Halloween as a popular holiday, but the history behind Halloween has had several twists and turns. The holiday began as part of Celtic tradition, changed with the influence of Christianity, and went through a dark period before becoming the Halloween we know today.

We'll warn you now: You may have a creepy feeling if Halloween myths or urban legends happen to you after reading this article!

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Sharing Halloween history with your kids can help them to appreciate the evolution of Halloween from the centuries-old harvest celebrations into the candy and costume fun of the modern day.

Halloween, as we know it has been a tradition in our country for many years, but have you ever wondered where it came from? Celts, or people from the area of Ireland, United Kingdom and Northern France around 2000 years ago had their new year as November 1st.

Halloween, October 31, is traditionally celebrated as a night of fun and frolic for children. But where did all our traditions originate? Let's take a look at the history of Halloween. Where did it originate, how did the traditions all come to be, and finally why do people enjoy being scared?


Samhain was a Pagan festival celebrated by the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain.

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