Common Halloween Myths

There are many superstitious Halloween myths. People tend to become more superstitious during Halloween time, too, as thoughts of spirits and those who have crossed over increase and scary movies are played on TV. The myths fall into different categories. Believe what you like, as this article isn't an endorsement of any of them. Read it in the informative and entertainment sense in which it is intended. The origins of these superstitions are varied, and most are unknown. Tell them at Halloween parties and note that some of them may be the origins of scary stories or urban legends you may have heard at one time. We'll warn you now: You may have a creepy feeling if one happens to you after reading this article!

You will have bad luck if these things happen to you, or you witness them on Halloween:

  • Three hoots of an owl
  • You see the new moon over your left shoulder
  • You hear a rooster crow at night
  • You put your shirt on inside-out
  • You get out of bed left foot first
  • You sing before breakfast (you'll cry before dinner)
  • You open an umbrella inside a building or house
  • You see a white cat

You will have good luck if these things happen to you, or you witness them on Halloween:

  • You sleep facing south
  • The top of your head has an itch
  • You pick up a piece of coal lying in your path
  • A robin flies into your house
  • You sneeze three times before breakfast
  • You put on a dress inside out
  • You dream of a white cat
  • You hear a cat sneeze

Death omens on Halloween:

  • Dreaming of birth is an omen of death.
  • If a bird flies into the window of a sick person, it means the person will die soon.
  • If a bird flies into your house, it means someone has died.
  • Hearing footsteps behind you and looking back.
  • If a clock that wasn't working suddenly chimes, a family member has died.
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