Good Halloween Haunted House Ideas

There are so many good Halloween haunted house ideas that figuring out where to begin can be a real challenge. Having a haunted house party to celebrate Halloween is always a good time, no matter what you do. There are several essential items you need to for effective haunted house design, whether you're putting together a large-scale haunted house or something spooky for the kids.

Eerie lighting is essential to a good haunted house. Use low-wattage bulbs and consider candles if they can be used safely. Strobe lights add a nice, eerie effect, because they only give people a quick glimpse of the scene. Be sure to let visitors know if you're using strobes, because they can cause reactions in some people. Consider replacing white lights with purple, orange or green lights. Black lights can be combined with flourescent paint and glow-in-the-dark items to create a lot of scary effects. 

Sound Effects
A good haunted house has creaking noises, strange thumps and piercing screams. You can find all of these noises on a good sound effects CD. Hide some small CD players or stereo speakers to give the illusion that the noises are coming from house itself. You can also position people throughout the house to randomly tap on floors, ceilings or doors. Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual noises; the stranger, the better!

Mood and Theme
Set the mood by hanging store-bought spider webbing around your house. You can also use black threads hanging from ceilings or doorways to simulate spider webs. A fog machine or a large black cauldron filled with dry ice gives your house a misty, creepy effect. Candelabras with mysteriously flickering lights, glowing Jack-o-Lanterns and freshly dug graves in the front yard all add to the spooky fun.

Selecting a theme such as witches, Dracula, or mass murder makes it easy to narrow your decorating choices. With a Dracula theme, you could have a coffin in the living room, bats swirling overhead and an actors running around with capes and fangs.

A mass-murder scene requires fake body parts. The parts can be either purchased from the Halloween supply store or made by you. An arm can be made by stuffing an old shirtsleeve with wadded up newspaper. Styrofoam heads found at beauty supply stores or old mannequins make great victims.

Skeletons rigged to fly out when a door is opened and giant spiders that drop down from the ceiling are just a few of the great effects you can include in your haunted house.

Halloween supply stores have a large assortment of animatronic characters. They talk and move on their own. These guys are a bit pricey, but you can use them year after year. Actors with scary masks who pop out and touch your unsuspecting guests will always get a scream. 

When you're choosing a theme, give some thought to the guests who'll be attending. Kids like creepy spiders, ghosts and witches, but they'll get too scared if you've got realistic skeletons and mutilated corpses lying around. Save the most shocking stuff for teens and adults.

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