Pumpkin Face Ideas

On Halloween, carving great pumpkin face ideas is an honored tradition. Most every house has a Jack-o-Lantern in the window or on the porch on Halloween night. There are many ways to make a pumpkin face, from two triangle eyes and a half-moon mouth to actual detailed profiles of the presidential candidates. Pumpkins are a nice firm vegetable with a large surface for carving so feel free to be creative. If you want to make something detailed, look do an Internet search for free pumpkin carving templates. There are some amazing ideas out there for inspiration, download and purchase.

It's fun to make pumpkin faces look expressive. That's accomplished by thinking of the parts of the face that are expressive - especially the eyes and mouth. Eyes can be the most expressive feature. Eyes that are mostly closed look sleepy, if they're shaped inward like a letter "V", they look angry. Eyebrows can be added to increase the effect too. Oval eyes can be carved with a pupil. Aim the pupils toward each other to make the pumpkin look cross-eyed, or up at an angle to make the pumpkin look innocent, or like a teen rolling his eyes. The mouth can be an "O" for a surprised look (pair that with eyebrows up high over the eyes). Make the mouth a small slit to make it look disapproving or irritated. Add teeth here and there by cutting a square in from the edge of the mouth at top or bottom, or both. You can also scrape back some of the pumpkin skin to expose the part underneath to give a three-dimensional effect to your design.

You can also add accessories to your pumpkin. Try a wig, hat, or even a clown nose for comic effect. You can incorporate paints to add detail and creativity. You can make ears that stick out by carving ears out and then sticking them back in the hole at an angle. You can make the pumpkin look as if it is eating something by putting something in its mouth like a smaller pumpkin or an apple, cookie, or even chocolate bar. Have a sense of humor and your pumpkin will be entertaining.

Homemade Halloween decorations are great, and your pumpkin can be the star of the display. You can carve words into your pumpkin, or have a few pumpkins spell out a message all together by carving one word on each. Whether a welcome message or "Go Away!" your pumpkins will be fun displays of Halloween spirit.

You can also carve pictures instead of a Halloween pumpkin face. Anything you can draw or trace can be carved with the right amount of time. If you're short on time, just use acrylic paints to decorate your pumpkin. A little creativity goes a long way.

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