Jack-O-Lantern Faces

Kids like to make their own Jack-o-lantern faces, and this one is easy and very cute. You can hang your Jack-O-Lantern in your room, on a door or anywhere you like.

Craft Difficulty Rating: Easy

You Will Need:

  • Paper plate

  • Orange tempera paint

  • Black construction paper

  • Brown and green felt pieces

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pencil


  1. Paint one side of the paper plate entirely with orange tempera paint. Let dry.

  2. Draw a stem on brown and green felt with a pencil. Cut out the stem.

  3. Cut out grass with a thin length of green felt.

  4. Trace two triangle eyes, a small triangle nose, and a mouth with black construction paper. Cut out the pieces. Glue the eyes, nose and mouth onto the paper plate.

  5. Glue the stem on the top of the Jack-O-Lantern and the strip of grass to the bottom.

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