Simple Painted Pumpkin Ideas

If you're seeking some great painted pumpkin ideas, look no further. Painted pumpkins are a great alternative to the traditional carved Jack O'lantern. They last longer than carved pumpkins, there's no decomposing pumpkin smell and there's no cutting involved, so even the youngest child can join in the fun.

What You'll Need
Acrylic paints work very well for pumpkin painting, as do permanent paint pens, which you can find at your local craft store. You'll also need an assortment of brushes, including thicker ones for painting larger areas, and fine brushes for painting small details. You may want to add three-dimensional elements to your designs, such as googly eyes, faux hair, feathers, buttons or jewels. These things can be attached with a generous amount of white craft glue, or with a hot glue gun.

Funny Faces
Give your pumpkin a funny face! Paint on eyes, nose and mouth, then add some moss, yarn or paper shreds for hair. You can make your faces silly or spooky. Try laying your pumpkin on its side, so that the top of the pumpkin is the front. Use the stem as the nose, then paint on the eyes and mouth. Paint several pumpkins in different sizes, and you'll have a happy pumpkin family.

Halloween Scenes
Rather than a traditional face, you can try painting your pumpkins with different Halloween motifs, such as a witch on a broom, the silhouette of a black cat or ghosts in flight. If you're having trouble painting freehand, you can trace a picture from a coloring book or magazine onto the pumpkin. Choose a picture you like and tape it to your pumpkin. Using a blunt pencil, trace over your design, pressing hard. When you remove the paper, you should have an outline on your pumpkin to guide you while you paint.

Pumpkins in Disguise
If you want to get really creative, try painting your pumpkins to look like something else. You can make a spider pumpkin by painting a small pumpkin black, then adding pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes. To make a little pumpkin house, paint your pumpkin with little doors and windows. You can add a small cardboard chimney, if you desire. Paint on a feline face and add pointy paper ears for a kitty pumpkin.

Let your imagination be your guide, and you'll be creating fun, clever pumpkins to decorate your home this Halloween.

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