Pumpkin Patch Mobile

It's that time of year when we all enjoy picking out just the right pumpkin at the pumpkin patch to decorate or carve out with our family. This pumpkin mobile will help you begin the fun fall festivities early. You can create your own cool 3-D pumpkin mobile today, and it won't rot or spoil like a real pumpkin will.

To begin, collect all of your materials first, and find a flat workspace that you can use. Your desk, the kitchen table or the floor would be great. Next, cover your work surface with newspaper to make for easy clean up.

Materials You Will Need:

Orange, yellow, black and brown construction paper (2 to 4 sheets of each)

Glue or a glue stick



Containers that are round (various sizes, to trace the pumpkin shapes)

Yarn or string

A dowel, stick or ruler (to hang the pumpkins from)

Glitter, stickers or pom-poms, optional

Begin by making four or five pumpkins to hang down from your mobile. You may want to trace some round containers for each pumpkin, or you might want to draw them all out. One option is to trace three pumpkin circles using three different bowls, and then draw two pumpkins on your own. Remember, real pumpkins are not perfectly round, and each one looks a bit different in size, color and texture.

Once your four or five pumpkins are drawn, cut them out and start to decorate each one. Don't forget the stems. You may want one of them to look like a Jack-o-Lantern; another pumpkin may be dressed up for a parade; this pumpkin may look silly, and that one may look like a character that you like from a book. Use your imagination, and have fun with them.

Make sure that you decorate both the front and back of each pumpkin because, as they twirl and blow around your room, everyone will be able to enjoy both sides. The pumpkins don't have to be the same on each side.

Now that you have all of your pumpkins decorated, they are ready to be hung. Lay them all out on your table or floor the way that you think they will look best hanging from your stick or dowel. Remember to stagger them so that some are higher and others lower down. You don't want the pumpkins to bang into each other when they are hanging.

When your pumpkins' positions are laid out on the work table, place the stick above them about 10 inches or so. Now figure out how long you should be cutting your yarn or string for each pumpkin. It may be easier just to lay the yarn down on the pumpkin and stretch it up to the stick, leaving a little extra, and then cut each piece of yarn and attach it right to the pumpkin; continue, one at a time. To attach the yarn to the pumpkin, you can either tape it on, or punch a hole in the pumpkin and tie the yarn on. A child may need a parent or an older sibling to help tie the pumpkins to the stick because it can get tricky.

After each decorated pumpkin is hanging on the stick, it's time to tie one more piece of yarn across the top of the stick from one side to the other so that you can hang your Pumpkin Patch Mobile. Ask your parents to help you find just the right spot to hang your mobile. It will look wonderful in any room of your house.

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