Fun Pet Halloween Costumes

Whether you choose to dress your pet in a costume that compliments yours or just give them something unique to wear, pet Halloween costumes will make the holiday truly memorable.

Dogs who are used to wearing doggie clothing are the best bets for pet costumes. For a dainty doggie, try a ballerina or princess costume that includes a little tutu and tiara. Let your boy dog flex his muscles in a superhero dog Halloween costume or a real-life hero costume, such as a policeman or fireman. Other popular dog Halloween costumes are classics, such as a vampire, devil, angel, flower, jester, skeleton, cowboy or pirate. Cats, iguanas, guinea pigs and even pot-bellied pigs can wear pet Halloween costumes. You can purchase every kind of costume from Disney characters to babies for pets.

Pet Halloween costumes come in a wide range of styles. Many costumes simply consist of a decorative collar and cap, while other costumes are more like a cape that fastens around the pet's neck. Some pet Halloween costumes completely cover the animal's front legs, chest and head, making their forelegs look like the characters legs while artificial arms swing freely. Finally, some Halloween costumes completely cover the animal's body from head to tail.

Decide which type of costume your pet will best tolerate and get them used to wearing it several weeks before Halloween. Unless your pet is used to wearing clothing or costumes, getting all dressed up could cause them undue stress. Be especially considerate of costumes that cover the pet's eyes or restrict their normal vision. Because animals rely so much on their vision to let them know what's going on, having their vision restricted can really make them anxious.

As cute as pet Halloween costumes are, they can pose some safety hazards for your pet. His comfort should be the top priority, so make sure he can breathe and see clearly. Make sure there are no small attachments to the costume that can be chewed off and choked on. Also watch out for outfits that are too tight or use uncomfortable elastic to secure the costume. If the animal seems uncomfortable in the costume, be kind and remove it.

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