How to Make a Ghost Costume

Learning how to make a ghost costume is very easy. All you need is some old bedsheets. Ghost Halloween costumes consist of a white flat sheet and a few accessories. Because you don't want to be stepping on your ghost costume all night, or fighting to see through the eyeholes, you'll want to use a few costume tricks such as wearing a baseball cap or a white stocking cap over the top of the sheet to keep the eyeholes from sliding every which way. You'll also need a belt, preferably white, to keep the center of the costume in place.

Ghost Costume


  • 1 white flat sheet
  • 1 baseball cap or white stocking cap
  • 1 white belt or white ribbon
  • Black or red marker
  • Scissors

Start by choosing a white sheet that is disposable. Always use a flat sheet. Choose the size of the sheet based on the size of the individual who will be wearing the costume. King-size sheets are very large; few people could wear a king-size flat sheet without tripping all night long. A queen-size flat sheet would be a good size for an adult ghost costume. For kids, use a twin sheet or cut some of the sheet off. Make sure a twin sheet will work before you start cutting; twin sheets aren't very wide, which means there sometimes isn't enough material.

To determine where the eyeholes should be placed, toss the sheet over the head of the person who will wear it and measure. Have the person hold his or her arms straight out to each side while you measure the sheet from side to side and front to back to make sure it hangs evenly. Once you have centered the sheet, place a baseball cap on the person's head to keep the sheet from sliding. Carefully mark the spot where the eyeholes should be.

Next find the person's waistline. Leave some slack in the fabric between the head and the belly. Even a ghost needs a little breathing room. Mark two spots, about three inches above and below the person's bellybutton. These marks will indicate where the belt should be. Remove the sheet, then cut out the eye holes and the two waistline holes.

Place the sheet over the person again and thread a belt into the hole on the right hand side, then wrap the belt around the individual's waist, under the costume, and pull it back out the hole on the left hand side. Buckle the belt in the middle, over the costume.

To blend in, always wear white pants, white tennis shoes and a long-sleeved white top underneath a ghost costume. For a creepier effect, wear black sunglasses so that the eyes can't be seen through the eyeholes. Wearing a bicycle helmet will allow the costume to drape a bit more and hide facial features. Be sure to adjust the height of the eye holes to compensate for the helmet.

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