Original Halloween Costumes for Boys

Here are a few original Halloween costumes for boys that will guarantee that they are a one-of-a-kind hit, whether trick-or-treating or at a costume party. Many boys are content to dress up as the hottest superhero or go for traditional gory Halloween costumes, but there are those certain boys that want to be different from their friends.

Beekeeper. Wear khaki clothing and a beekeeper's netted hat. Glue craft bumblebees all over the costume. For extra detail, use makeup to create a few welts or stings on the face and hands and create a papier-mache beehive that can double as a candy bucket.

Fisherman. Use jeans and a flannel shirt for costume basics, then add a fisherman's vest and hat full of homemade flies. For the flies, just tie colorful bits of yarn onto safety pins. Complete the look with rubber boots and a fishing pole, either a real pole without a hook or one made from a branch or a real one without a hook. For extra laughs, attach either a cardboard fish or his own fishing hat to the pole.

Surfer. Create a surfboard from a piece of cardboard, with a shark-sized bite out of one end. Give your guy some flowered surf shorts and a tank top, along with flip-flops. You could also use black shorts and a black shirt, with yellow ribbing, to create a wetsuit. For the finishing touch, add a pooka-shell necklace, apply face paint on the nose to look like sunblock and muss up his hair.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Cut a hole, just large enough for the child's head, into a large cardboard box. Decorate the box to look like a dinner table: tablecloth, plastic glass, even a vase of flowers. Using a large paper plate or paper platter, cut a slit and circle so that it fits around the child's neck. Cut out green felt lettuce leaves to hide the hole in the plate, and put fake blood at the neckline for a gruesome yet clever "dinner."

Crypt Creature. Start with white or gray sweatpants. Take large pieces of cheesecloth, rubbed with a little dirt, and artfully tack them on the costume. Use different sizes and layers of cheesecloth and shred the ends of the cheesecloth for a wispy torn look. Add white face paint and greenish-black around the eyes, then tease the hair into a spikey mess. Add gruesome details such as a dribble of dried blood.

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