Creative Superhero Costume Ideas

Superhero costume ideas aren't limited to the characters in comic books. A kids' superhero costume can be based on anything your child's imagination can dream up, as long as you've got the basic elements.

Superhero Logos
No superhero is complete without a logo or symbol that represents the character. When making a cool emblem for a kids superhero costume, check out Superman's cape. Instead of using an S for Superman, use an N for Nathan or an A for Alissa. Not only will your child love you for it, they'll also love the cape, which can later be turned into the center square on a picnic blanket, a car throw or a bedspread.

Costume Essentials
Superhero costumes usually include tights and leotards. If your child is already enrolled in dance classes, you probably have plenty of leotards and tights to choose from. If not, and you don't have the extra cash to spend for Halloween, just use a plain pair of pants and top. The most seamless way to do this is to make sure the pants and top are the same color. Since Superman's cape is red and his clothing is blue, you may want to try matching his color scheme. Don't worry if you can't match the colors perfectly. When you're creating a unique superhero, there really are no rules. 

Use whatever material you already have at hand. If the superhero wears gloves, use regular gloves. If your superhero wears boots, dress up a pair of boots your child already has.

Creating a Cape
The one and only item that you might have to create from scratch is a cape. A cape can be made with less than a yard of material. A superhero cape that will be used again and again should be made out of cotton material. Cotton washes and wears better. It is also lightweight, making it easier for a child to wear for long periods of time.

Wash the fabric before you begin sewing. Fold in the raw edge of the fabric about ½ inch all the way around and iron. Repeat on three sides, then sew or use fabric glue on all three sides. On the fourth side you will make a sheath for the drawstring. Fold in the fabric to about 1 ½ inches and then sew it down, being careful to leave both sides open so that you can pull the drawstring through.

Use a length of ribbon as the drawstring. For ease in feeding the drawstring into the sheath, insert a safety pin into the end of the ribbon and then feed it into the sheath. Whip stitch the opening closed on both ends to keep the string from being pulled out.

Finish the cape with some sort of emblem. Emblems can be created with a few pieces of felt or cotton fabric. Attach one emblem on the back of the cape and one to the front of your child's shirt or leotard.

Superhero Accessories
Once you have decided which superhero costume you want to make, pick up a few comics or find a picture online and pay close attention to costume details. Often it is the accessories that make the outfit. Look for details in the following places:

  • What type of mask will your superhero wear?
  • What type of shoes or boots should you create?
  • Does your superhero wear gloves?
  • How many emblems are on the costume? Where are they located?
  • How does the superhero wear his or her hair? Should you purchase a wig or can you create a similar style?
  • Does your superhero have a couple of signature phrases your child could brush up on?
  • Does your superhero have a few signature poses that would be fun to repeat?
  • Does your superhero carry or wear a particular item?
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