How to Make a Wizard Costume

Before you start work on a wizard costume for your child, make sure you've got the right style of wizard. The wizard robe costume popular a decade ago has given way to a variety of Harry Potter costumes based on the wizards in the books. Whichever wizard your child wants to be, there are some essential elements to include.

Traditional Wizards
Merlin was the first well-known wizard. He's been depicted in a wide variety of robes throughout his long life, so it is safe to assume that wizard robe costumes will be well-received. Wizard robes should be white, blue, purple, brown, black or grey, and adorned with golden stars, moons or any other type of magic symbol. The one important aspect of a wizard's robe is the hood. The hood must be deep, allowing the wizard to be slightly hidden, even when in plain view.

Harrry Potter Costumes
To make a wizard's robe similar to the ones worn in Hogwart's School, look for material that is dark. You want the robe to cover your young magician from head to toe, so make sure the robe is wide enough for a child to conceal himself inside. Lining the robe will make it warmer. To make a fuzzy, thick robe, use faux fur or velour.


  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Button or clasp

Fold the fabric in half. One side will be the hood and the other side will be the bottom of the robe. Seal the end that will be the hood with safety pins. Now measure the fabric, starting from the safety pins and moving down the raw edge to about 12 inches. Insert a safety pin into the first layer and a second safety pin in the second layer of the fabric at this point. Do not pin the fabric together. Now place the hood on your child. If it's too large or small, move the safety pins up to mark the correct spot. Before you begin to sew, however, remember that the hood should be very roomy and deep.

Once the hood fits, place safety pins every two inches along the neckline of the robe so that you know where to sew the drawstring. Measure the hood on your child a second time. If the pins are in the correct location, pin a two- to three-inch-thick piece of ribbon into the inside of the robe, along the safety-pin line. Remove all of the outside safety pins, even the ones along the top. Open the fabric flat and sew the ribbon onto the robe, creating a tunnel or sheath for the drawstring. When you are finished sewing, you should have two lines of sewing, one along each outer edge of the ribbon.

Cut a length of ribbon that is long enough to be used as the robe tie. Insert a safety pin into one end of the ribbon and then feed the safety pin into the drawstring sheath. Try the robe on the model again, pull the ties and adjust the hood. Finally, tie on the robe and tack the ribbon at each end of the sheath so that it cannot be pulled out. Add a button at the top of the cape and sew the top of the hood closed.

If you're channeling Harry Potter it's good to remember that all Hogwart's students wear pants and a white shirt with a tie under their wizard robes, and they never let their wands out of their sight.

Wizard Wands
Though a wizard's robe is important, the wand is essential. All wands are made of wood, but what kind of wood you use depends entirely upon the magician. Merlin's wand was made of Lignum vitae wood, which is said to have magical properties. Lignum vitae wood is used for a variety of medicinal purposes; the tree is also known as the Tree of Life.

Harry Potter's magic wand is made of holly. The name Holly is derived from the word holy. Holly is said to repel evil. Harry's magic wand has additional magic because of the phoenix feather that is embedded in the heart of the wand. If the costume will be worn in an area where other wizards will be present, you'll do well to read up on wands and their importance. Don't show up with a paper wand if you're going to enter a costume contest either; the guy with the wooden wand will win.


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