Are Graboids Real

Graboids are a legendary creature that are generally classified as a type of sandworm. They are said to live in the desert where they are known to be subterranean animals. They greatly resemble serpents and can be extremely long.

The first time the term 'Graboids' was ever heard was in the movie Tremors, when actor Kevin Bacon's character, Valentine McKee, referred to the giant sandworm as a Graboid. The term then stuck and was repeated in the second Tremors film. Graboids have since appeared in all of the Tremors movies and the term has been used ever since.

Graboids in the movie Tremors

Graboids have appeared in all four Tremors movies. The term was based off the fact that these particular sandworms would grab their prey with their tentacles. The Graboids also had sharp teeth. They would typically eat or swallow their prey alive.

To kill off the intelligent Graboids in the movie Tremors, the characters would throw homemade dynamite into the mouths of the Graboid. Eventually, the Graboids grew keen to this tactic and one of the Graboids regurgitated the dynamite. One of the characters had used an elephant gun to kill a Graboid at one point throughout the films, ordinary weapons would not work.

The comparisons of a Graboid

Graboids, although referred to as a sandworm, closely resemble several other animals. They have compared to prehistoric animals as well as animals of today. Some of the comparisons made have been to that of a cuttlefish, grubs, sharks, and snakes. However, considering that Graboids aren't real, they really have a lot of their own characteristics that film makers created as a way to scare their audience.

Other media appearances

Even though Graboids were created as part of the Tremors film series, they have made other appearances in the media since. In particular, they have been seen in the short-lived Tremors TV series. The series lasted for one season. A Graboid was also seen in the popular videogame Final Fantasy XI, in which it was referred to as a Glavoid.

Other films have also used forms of Graboids, although they are commonly just referred to as a sandworm. The movie Beetlejuice had a giant sandworm in it as well as the movie Dune. Film makers have been using sandworms in their movies since the early 1900s.

Is it possible for Graboids to exist

While we do have many animals that are similar in comparison to a Graboid, it is safe to say that the possibility for Graboids to ever really exist is very unlikely. The giant desert worms are merely science fiction. It is nearly impossible for a worm of such great length and strength to survive in the desert or even at all.

Film makers created these creatures to greatly resemble other animals in an effort to make them believable. The Tremors films probably wouldn't be as frightening to the audience if Graboids didn't resemble real-life animals.

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