Bigfoot Facts

Bigfoot is perhaps the most famous cryptid in the entire field of cryptozoology. Similar to most cryptids, the existence of Bigfoot is not certain. While several sources have mentioned the creature and witnesses claim to have seen it, a specimen has never been delivered to a credible scientist. This does not necessarily mean that Bigfoot does not exist; it is simply not a scientifically recognized species.

Bigfoot description, popularity and habitat
Bigfoot is reportedly a humanoid creature with all of the features of a great ape. It is taller than the average human and is bipedal. It is covered in hair from head to foot and has very long arms when compared to a human, but may have a reach comparable to that of a gorilla.
Bigfoot is thought to live in forested areas, if it lives at all. The Pacific Northwest is where most of the sightings are concentrated and from whence the story seems to have come. It is a favorite area for Bigfoot hunters with its dense forests. However, sightings have occurred in various other parts of North America, such as Florida and the Great Lakes region.
Bigfoot is such a well-known cryptid that it is used in movies, advertising and more. It is particularly popular for food commercials. A number of films-one of the most popular being Harry and the Hendersons-have featured Bigfoot, and there is a monster truck named after the animal. There are even laws against killing it in some Washington counties, just in case.
Bigfoot: real or hoax?
Some Bigfoot evidence has been proven false. This includes Wallace's footprints and the Patterson-Gimlin film, which is perhaps the most famous, cited evidence for Bigfoot. In the former, the man's own children came out with the fake feet that Wallace used to perpetrate the hoax. In the latter, a friend of one of the filmmakers admitted to wearing a suit for it.
As a cryptid, the nature of Bigfoot is under question. If it is real, it could be a heretofore-unknown ape species or perhaps even an alien, as some of the Bigfoot proponents claim. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who attribute sightings to mistaken identity. Others believe the creatures are leftovers of the long-dead giant ground sloth, Gigantopithecus.
Most credible scientists deny the existence of Bigfoot. The general consensus is that no evidence that can rightly be called such has ever been presented. Furthermore, the evidence that does come forward is almost always a hoax, mistaken identity or both. Even the idea of Bigfoot being a leftover extinct giant ape is unlikely, as giant apes never lived in North America.
Nevertheless, many people persist in believing Bigfoot is real, perhaps because humankind loves the idea of discovering new things and uncovering mysteries.
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