What Are Illuminati?

What are Illuminati? Kids may not wonder, but parents do. The Illuminati are not members of a Bavarian secret society dedicated to forwarding the ideals of the Enlightenment. Nor do they belong to the mythical secret conspiracy that manipulates world history in multiple best-sellers. They are a team of comic book superheroes who have appeared in several popular movies and make fine Halloween characters.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a master magician who fights evil with spells learned in long years of study. He uses magical amulets to enhance his power, and chants mysterious incantations.

Dr. Strange first appeared in 1963. He wears a flowing red cloak, a blue tunic and a large magic amulet. Sorceress Clea sometimes appears as an apprentice to Dr. Strange and sometimes as ruler of the Dark Dimension.

Reed Richards

Reed Richards is a scientist, with Ph.D.s in electrical engineering and physics. He manufactured a spaceship and flew into space with three companions. There, they were exposed to radiation that gave them superpowers. Reed Richards can now stretch and shape his body to any size or form.

As Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards wears a stretchy, blue costume and can tower over enemies. However, his real weapon is his brain.


Namor, also called the Sub-Mariner, is the son of a sea captain and a princess of Atlantis. He can fly, breathe underwater and see in near darkness. He possesses superior speed, strength and endurance.

Resentful of the way humans have mistreated the ocean and its creatures, he was the first antihero when he was created in 1939. Namorita is Namor's cousin. Her mother was human, and her father a prince of Atlantis.

Namor and Namorita are strong and muscular. They have small wings on their ankles. They may dress in gray-green or black swimwear or disguise themselves in human attire.

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the king of the Inhumans, a nonhuman species living in a hidden earth city. He never speaks, because the vibrations of his voice cause widespread destruction. He often wears a black hood that covers the top half of his face, revealing only his eyes, and he is sometimes accompanied by his wife, Medusa, or his cousin, Crystal, who are also Inhuman royalty.

Professor X

Professor Charles Francis Xavier is the leader of the X-Men. He is a telepath, a paraplegic and a great scientist. His goal is to bring understanding between mutants and ordinary humans.

He is bald, olive-skinned and sometimes rides in a futuristic wheelchair.

Tony Stark

Tony Stark is also known as Iron Man. He has no superpowers at all. However, he has used his engineering skills to build himself a powerful iron suit that allows him to fight crime and protect the innocent. His costume is metallic silver and red.

A magician, a scientist, a king from Atlantis, a mysterious Inhuman, a mutant and a hero with no superpowers make up the team. They work together in spite of their differences to meet the challenge of defending America, the world and the universe. Each brings honed skills, courage and high moral purpose to the work of the Illuminati.

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