Scary Urban Legends

Want to know some scary urban legends to share at your next fireside or Halloween gathering? Some of the scariest stories are of the urban myth variety, passed around and embellished as they're told. An urban legend can be terrifying because many people believe that they're true. When you're telling one, be sure to remind your listeners that it's a true story. 

The Babysitter and the Phone
A babysitter had put the kids to bed and was watching TV in a dark house. The phone rang. Startled by the phone at the late hour, she answered. There was only breathing to be heard by the caller. She hung up. Two minutes later, the phone rang again. She answered again, and was greeted by loud, scary laughter. She decided to have the phone number traced, and called the operator, who told her to try to keep the caller on the phone instead of hanging up, so they could trace the call.

When the phone rang yet again, she answered and screamed into the phone, asking the caller what he wanted. Loud, scary laughter again came from the phone. She was too scared to stay on the line, so she hung up. Immediately, the phone rang again, and the operator said the trace of the call came from a different extension in the house. The operator called the police and told the babysitter to get out as fast as she could. She grabbed the kids and fled. The police, waiting outside, ran in, catching a man with a long knife who was planning to kill her after he killed the children upstairs.

Flashing Headlights
A girl was driving home from college late one night. A car driving behind her started flashing its headlights, coming up close behind her. She sped up, but the other car kept tailing her and flashing its lights. She kept driving faster, scared and unsure about what the driver behind her wanted.

A police car pulled behind them both, flashing its blue lights. She pulled over, gratefully, and the policeman ran to her car, pulled her from it and moved her to the front of the car. Before she could ask why, he pointed his gun at the back seat of her car and ordered a man with a knife out of the car. The man from the other car told the student he was flashing his lights each time he saw the man with the knife rise up to stab her. 

The Roommate
A college student had been studying until late at night and wanted to spend the night with her boyfriend. She left the library and went to her dorm. Opening the door, she saw the figure of her roommate in bed. Not wanting to wake her, she closed the door and fumbled through her closet to grab some clothes for the next day, then left for her boyfriend's place.

The next morning, she returned to her dorm to find it surrounded by police. When she told them where she lived, they immediately took her up to her room, which was blocked with crime scene tape. Written in blood on the wall above her dead roommate she saw the words, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?"

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