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Flag Day was first observed in 1877. A celebration was held on the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States by the Second Continental Congress. In that year, Congress asked all public buildings to fly the flag on June 14th. 
By Jennifer Maughan
Here are some ideas to ponder when planning how you will ring in the New Year, whether it be on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
By Alice Langholt
Dinner party themes make a gathering of friends and family more fun, and they allow the hostess to express her creativity. Consider some of these more creative dinner party themes for your next get-together.
By Jennifer Maughan
Check out some of these great ideas for celebrating the Christmas season.
The Irish shamrock has been an important part of Irish culture since the time of the Celts. Learn about the different meanings this simple clover has had through the centuries.
By Alice Langholt
Your kids will love having swashbuckling adventures at a pirate birthday party, which can be one of the easiest and most fun parties to throw.
By Belinda J Mooney
Choosing Christmas gifts for men can be hard, because men aren't always vocal about what they want. Get some suggestions for great gifts based on his interests.
By Helen Polaski
Don't have palm trees and sand in your backyard? Set the stage for a memorable luau by making some tropical-themed luau decorations.
By Helen Polaski
An article detailing steps to save money and time on Thanksgiving menus and decorating.
By Kristina
How did Valentine's Day start? The holiday has roots in both the Catholic church and ancient Rome.
By A. E. Freeman
Indoor Christmas decorating ideas can range from something as simple as fresh garland to a small holiday village that lights up. Whether you want a look that is elegant or whimsical, you can find something to suit your personality and home.
By Amy Brantley
Making use of cheap Valentines ideas doesn't mean you are stingy with your love. These ideas can help whether you are caught up in the recession or just not into buying ridiculously expensive roses.
By Caroline Roberts
Indoor beach party ideas will vary depending on the age group, but there's no limit to the amount of fun you'll have. Here's some inspiration for you.
By Jennifer Maughan
Movie theme gift baskets are an impressive gift for singles, couples and families. It's easy to control costs with this gift as well, since most of the candy and snacks you'll use for filler can be found at the local supermarket.
By Derek Gerry
Some no-nonsense tips for a safer and happier holiday
By Writeguy1955
If you've always wondered how this celebration became a major national holiday, here's a brief recap of the origin of Thanksgiving-how the holiday grew from to become an annual highlight to American Novembers.
By Courtney Ramirez
Traditional anniversary gifts don't have to be boring. With a little thought, you can come up with some useful, sentimental and unique, yet traditional, anniversary gifts.
By Helen Polaski
What does it mean that cats have nine lives, and where did this legend come from?
By Marie Lorraine
The owl often is seen as bad luck and connected to the darker side of magic. The bird has a rich mythological and folklore history.
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