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Popular Articles
Without the Indians who helped the pilgrims in America, the fledgling colony at Plymouth Plantation may not have survived.
By Cheryl Bowman
Eager to learn the appropriate texting etiquette for a wide variety of situations?
By Rose Clearfield
With the availability of professional-grade stationery, laser printing and scrapbooking embellishments, your handmade Quinceanera invitations can be more elegant than any printed at a shop.
By Jennifer Maughan
Kwanzaa is a relatively new holiday, having started in 1966, but it is based on ancient African traditions and celebrations dating back to Ancient Egypt.
By Mark Mays
Singing silly Christmas Carols are a surefire way to get the holidays started with a smile.
By Helen Polaski
So we are almost at that time of the year again; New Years Day. As a time honored tradition, thousands of people come up with hundreds of thousands of resolutions that they hope to stick to over the coming year.
By Simon Wright
New Year's parties often follow the same pattern: Drink a glass of champagne and watch the ball drop on television. If you are getting bored with the routine and wondering what to do on New Year's Eve, never fear.
By Caroline Roberts
You can stay mindful of your budget and still show guests a good time with careful recession-proof party planning and some tried and true entertainment tips on a budget. 
By Jennifer Maughan
The first thing in tea party etiquette you should practice is once you receive your invitation is look at your calendar. You need to RSVP as soon as possible. The host has much planning to do. 
By Rochelle Valasek
The following are just some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to deep fry a turkey for the Thanksgiving meal.
By Lisa Bower
The 4th of July is full of pizzazz, sparkle and firecrackers, so fourth of July craft ideas should reflect that mood. Here are some fun 4th of July craft ideas that will keep your kids busy while honoring their country.
By Belinda J Mooney
Girls celebrating their Quineanera normally appear in beautiful quinceanera gowns. This celebration is a highly regarded event and is similar to sweet 16 parties here in the United States. The Quinceanera is a bit more elaborate, though, and is based more on ritual and culture.
By Teresa Hall
A 4th of July cookout is not only a chance to get in some good backyard cooking, but it is also an opportunity to thank our forefathers for fighting for our freedoms.
By Helen Polaski
A brief history of witches and how they relate to modern society.
By D. Ranere
In order to best enjoy your holiday food without a food poisoning-prompted trip to the emergency room, it is important to know basic holiday food safety tips. 
By Belinda J Mooney
Going to see the best Fourth of July fireworks has its positives and negatives. A professional fireworks display is stunning, but you have to deal with traffic and crowds. These displays are definitely worth the trouble.
By Caroline Roberts
Baby's first birthday is definitely a big event, especially for their parents. In this first year, a child has not only grown to see their first year, but they have also reached a number of milestones, like laughing for the first time and walking. It's normal for a child's parents to want to throw a big celebration in honor of one of their child's major milestones.
By Lisa Bower
Don't have palm trees and sand in your backyard? Set the stage for a memorable luau by making some tropical-themed luau decorations.
By Helen Polaski
The best Fourth of July cake should look like an American flag, but that doesn't mean you have to re-create the flag exactly. As long as the colors are there, guests will be impressed.
By Helen Polaski
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