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Popular Articles
Even the most intelligent and skeptical people fall under the spell of love superstitions, some of which are an essential part of wedding tradition.
By Helen Polaski
You can savor the experience of hosting a grown-up party with equally boundless enthusiasm. The secret? De-stress for success.
By April Dawn Shinske
October holidays include Columbus Day, sometimes called Indigenous People's Day, and Halloween, which gives adults and kids a chance to dress up.
By Timothy Sexton
Celebrate with kids by doing some Chinese New Year activities, such as making crafts and decorations.
By Alice Langholt
Consider the following popular party themes for your Fourth of July celebration.
By Rose Clearfield
Each Yom Kippur prayer is special for reflecting the solemn themes of the holiday. Yom Kippur means "Day of Atonement," and it is the second of the two holiest holidays on the Jewish calendar.
By Alice Langholt
Irish Blessings carry wonderful sentiment and beautiful wishes that can lighten the heart and lift the spirits. Here are a few Irish blessings for birtrhdays.
By Steven Wayne Ansell
The cost of wrapping paper is a hardship on most family budgets, not to mention the cost of disposing of the used paper when the holiday has passed.
By Patrice Campbell
Adult party games might be even more fun than party games for the kids if you choose your party game wisely. When your party game fits the crowd you're entertaining, you're sure to have a great time.
By Alice Langholt
What foods did the pilgrims eat on Thanksgiving? If you're expecting pies and vegetables, you'll be disappointed.
By Cheryl Bowman
Celebrating purim is expected in the Jewish faith. In fact, four commandments encourage having fun at this time. Families enjoy a festive meal, listen to the Purim story, shake noisemakers and give away Purim baskets of food.
By Alice Langholt
Living in a rural community, we have no local theaters, malls, or "teen clubs." When he was little, our son Vince attended a bevy of birthday parties, and of course I hosted his annual event at a variety of venues.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Read the "Frosty the Snowman" lyrics and find out how this song became a part of Christmas tradition, even though it doesn't mention Christmas at all. 
By Jenney Cheever
Learn about the traditions and controversy surrounding Christmas and discover when it became a national holiday.
By Jessie See
While the shamrock can bring good luck, it's generally an unwanted and invasive weed in gardens and lawns. Learn how to deal with shamrocks and other species of clover.
By Derek Gerry
The Chinese New Year dragon dance takes place at Spring Festivals all over the world. This dance requires preparation, from the costume to learning the moves, but, if done right, a dragon dance can bring you good luck.
By Caroline Roberts
Keeping busy schedules and budgets in mind, Christmas Cookie Swaps are popular holiday get togethers. This year add to the holiday spirit of giving by adding a Bring A Book Buffet to your event.
By Renee' Kelly
Finding gifts for teen girls can be challenging. The interests of teen girls range from fashion and music to electronics and gaming. Here are some general suggestions that can narrow down your options.
By Nichole Smith
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