Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

One of the details involved in planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is choosing Bar Mitzvah party favors to give each guest as thanks for coming. There are plenty of choices out there. If the Bar Mitzvah youth is having a party for his peers, you may also want a separate (or additional) party favor for those friends. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking.

Personalized food: This refers to any number of things, usually dessert or candy variety. It's possible to order personalized cookies, mints, chocolate mints, bottled water, mints in tins or chocolate bars. Personalized labels add a lovely, festive touch.

Personalized kippot: These are the skull caps worn in traditional Jewish services, mostly by males, but sometimes females wear them too. You can order suede kippot embossed on the inside with "Bar Mitzvah of Rick Cohen, November 15, 2008" and include the Hebrew date if desired. It's a nice keepsake, and it's also fun to look out in the congregation during the service and see everyone wearing one.

Personalized clothing: This is for the kids' party. Almost anything goes here, from T-shirts with "I had a blast at Rachel's Bat Mitzvah!" to flannel pants with similar words on the front. Also consider socks, hats, tie-dies, hoodies, CD cases or tote bags. There's something for most budgets, and kids like wearing them at school to announce they were at the celebration.

Photo favors: A picture of the Bar Mitzvah boy can be put in or on many different sorts of goods, from mouse pads, snow globes, sports bottles, playing cards or CDs with a music mix of popular dance tunes.

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A Bar Mitzvah ceremony is a Jewish rite of passage for a 13-year-old boy. The ceremony takes place in Synagogue and shows that the boy is old enough to accept the obligations of the commandments. After this important moment, family and friends gather for a celebration.

When Jewish girls are age 12 or 13, many will participate in a Jewish milestone, a Bat Mitzvah ceremony. "Bat Mitzvah" in Hebrew means "daughter of the Commandments." It represents the idea that a girl of this age is old enough to accept the obligation to keep the Commandments as is an adult.

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For young boys preparing for their Bar Mitzvahs, it's essential that he learns the basics with Bar Mitzvah lessons. The parents often either hire or are appointed a Bar Mitzvah tutor to help the student learn the Torah reading and Haftorah reading.

Bat Mitzvah lessons help prepare a Jewish girl of age 12 or 13 to take on the responsibilities of leading a Jewish life. In most Jewish denominations, girls as well as boys celebrate this milestone in their Jewish education.

When looking for Bat Mitzvah dresses, you want something that will be versatile so your daughter can wear it to the ceremony and then modify it a bit for a less formal luncheon.

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