Where to See the Best Fourth of July Fireworks

Going to see the best Fourth of July fireworks has its positives and negatives. Nothing you can do at home beats a professional fireworks display. Unfortunately, you have to deal with traffic and crowds to get there, so the fireworks show should be worth it. Here are some of the best fireworks destinations in the United States:

The Fourth of July in Boston: Go straight to the home of the American Revolution, where they coordinate the display with the music of the Boston Pops.

Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks: If Boston represents the historic display, New York City goes for the gusto. The Macy's Web site claims that its display "uses 55 times more fireworks than the average show in the United States."

Fireworks in Washington DC: In the center of American politics, fireworks are launched straight from the Reflecting Pool. Just imagine the display paired with the Washington Monument.

Welcome America in Philadelphia: Philadelphia tries to top all other destinations in terms of the length of its celebration. The city packs in parties and parades over several days, plus fireworks at the city's beautiful Museum of Art.

Fireworks at Mount Rushmore: If you would like to make a real road trip out of the Fourth of July, head to South Dakota, visit perhaps the greatest American monument of them all and watch the fireworks light up the faces of our best-known presidents.

The Las Vegas Strip: Well, Las Vegas probably isn't what most of the Founding Fathers had in mind, but no one can outdo Las Vegas in terms of sheer extravagance. If you don't see fireworks, you're sure to see more than enough bright lights. Plus, each casino has its own display, so you can pick and choose where you want to ring in the Fourth of July. Benjamin Franklin would have been impressed.

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