Good, Bad and Ugly Pranks

April Fool's Day falls on April 1st annually. It is one of the few widely recognized holidays that are all about fun, though prank recipients do not always think so. It is a day where people pull pranks on each other; some in good taste, some in bad taste and some that just turn out wrong.

Good April Fool's Day pranks

April Fool's Day is about friendly and slightly inconvenient shenanigans. The old tape on the sink nozzle trick is a great example of this. It gets the recipient with a bit of water and a shock. There is nothing dangerous, disgusting or disappointing about it. Just tape the lever down on the kitchen sink's spray nozzle. Use clear tape. When someone goes to turn on the sink, the spray nozzle will spray water straight at them, assuming you pointed it in the right direction.

People tend to be creeped out by things like spiders, rats and snakes. What better time to make them think they are confronted by a creepy crawly than April Fool's Day? A well-placed fake rat in a cupboard or snake in a bathtub is enough to make someone's heart race a bit and give the prankster a good laugh.

Bad April Fool's Day pranks

April Fool's Day jokes start going bad when things get a little out of hand. One way this can happen is by using a person for a scare. Just one episode of home comedy videos is enough to show that jumping out and scaring someone is liable to get you punched. Keep it safe by using props.

Sure, it is funny, but is getting someone's hopes up in the best taste? Fake winning lottery tickets, false pregnancy claims or really any fake good news is disappointing when the prank is revealed. Perhaps these jokes are best when the person being fibbed to is not someone who could really use the money, is waiting for a child or is in any way anticipating what they believe they are getting with the prank.

The ugliest of April Fool's Day pranks

Many April Fool's Jokes jump straight to gross. One of those is the toilet plastic wrap joke. This one is probably never a good idea. This prank involves lifting the toilet seat and covering the opening to the bowl with plastic wrap before carefully putting the seat back down.

Some ugly April Fool's Day pranks are inconvenient at the worst possible time. Taking non-toxic paper glue and gluing the first few passes of paper in a toilet paper roll is one of those pranks. It is going to take some time and patience to get the unglued paper. Some might not even realize that the paper underneath is not glued and find themselves in a very embarrassing situation.

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