Use your spare time, become a volunteer

To give is a great feeling and one of the best times to give is during the holiday season and one of the best things you can give is your time. During the holiday season, there are many people that are in need of help. Whether you help by donating food or money, there is nothing more meaningful to those in need then simply donating your time. There are so many different ways to give your time this holiday season and the ideas you'll find here are not only great to do during the holiday season, but they can be done all year round. You can give your time to a local charity, nursing homes or even hospitals. Just look around and choose the charity that stands out to you.

Baked Goods: Baked goods are a great way to spread holiday cheer to those in need while they are also a great way to spend time with the ones you love while you make them. You can make anything from cakes and pies to cookies or candies. They are easy to do and can be inexpensive to make. You can even wrap them in clear plastic wrap, tie them closed with a colorful ribbon and add your own special note to make them more personal. They re also quick and easy to deliver.

Stories: Reading is a great way to tell stories and to share quality time with people. This can be done with a single person or you can read to an entire group. It is especially great for the children! Reading can lead to discussions and some stories can even make some people happier. There are so many stories to choose from and they are something that will never get old.

Become a Regular: Most organizations offer people the chance to volunteer any time of the year. Volunteering is a large part of Non-profit organizations and by giving your time to them you are helping that organization stay open. Most organizations have a website you can visit to see what volunteer opportunities they have available and you can always research the organization before you volunteer. There are food banks, homeless shelters and hospitals that are always looking for volunteers to lend a helping hand.

You don't need a lot of money to change someones life. All you need is a little spare time and an open heart.

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