Play a Sweet Song on Violin Day

The violin has remained one of the world's most popular musical instruments for several centuries. It's no surprise to learn, then, that a special day commemorates this beautiful string instrument. December 13 is World Violin Day. If you love the sound of the violin, or even if you know very little about string music, consider some of the following ways to celebrate and enjoy Violin Day.

Take violin lessons

If you've always wanted to learn how to play the violin, what better time to take up lessons than December 13? Finding a good violin teacher may not be as easy as you imagine, though, so think carefully about it. According to Violin Online, some of the ways to find the right teacher include asking for recommendations at a local music store, contacting the music department of your local college or university, and contacting a local chapter of a professional musicians' union.

Visit the National Music Museum

The National Music Museum is located in Vermillion, S.D. The National Music Council recognizes this museum, founded in 1973, as a 'Landmark of American Music.' The museum has an extensive collection of violins and offers virtual tours on its Web site. World Violin Day is the perfect opportunity to show your support for it.

Listen to a violin concerto

Music preference remains a very personal; what one person holds in high esteem may have no emotional effect on another. On Violin Day, consider sampling some of the more popular violin concertos and deciding whether to add them to your music library. Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D, Op. 61 is a popular choice among music listeners due to its noble, tranquil sound. Alternatively, consider Brahms' Violin Concerto in D, Op. 77, has a more symphonic scale. Mozart, Stravinsky and Sibelius are additional popular composers of well-known violin concertos. If you have a local youth, college or professional symphony, consider buying tickets to a performance.

Choose a gift for a violin lover

If you know someone who enjoys the sound of the violin, why not take advantage of Violin Day to buy an appropriately themed gift? A CD or a download of violin music would make an obvious choice, as would tickets to an orchestra performance. For those who play the instrument, a book of violin sheet music is a great gift. Quirky gifts might include violin toys, ornaments or accessories, or perhaps a violin-themed piece of artwork.

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