Father's Day Ideas for Toasts

When you are celebrating Father's Day with family members, a good Father's Day idea is to hold a toast. A Father's Day toast is a fine gesture to let your dad know how much you appreciate everything he's done for you. However, you might be a little uncomfortable proposing a toast for your father, so here are some ideas.

A toast is not a speech. Instead, it is a one- to two-minute expression of your thoughts. Save negative stories and embarrassing moments for another time. Instead, share special memories, cherished events and even lighthearted moments you recall about your father. A toast is an honor, and, when it's done well, it is a moment to be remembered. Keep these tips in mind for your ideas for Father's Day.

Write an outline. A few days before the celebration, write down a few Father's Day ideas and feelings you'd like to get across. Think about who will be in attendance at the gathering, and tailor the remarks to the audience. If there are other fathers present, it might be a thoughtful Father's Day idea to include them in the toast. Choose the best of the thoughts and sayings, and put them in some kind of outline. You can also incorporate a relevant quote in the Father's Day toast.

Announce the toast properly. At the event, prepare to make the Father's Day toast by standing and announcing that you'd like to give a toast. Never tap on your glass, as that is considered poor etiquette. Start speaking in a clear and confident manner, and don't forget to smile. Make sure your voice can be heard throughout the whole room. If you are in a crowded restaurant, you many need to raise your voice to be heard.

Finish the toast. As you get to the end of the Father's Day toast, pick up your glass. Deliver the final thought, and raise the glass. Others will raise their glasses as well. Many people close a toast with a traditional saying, such as "Salud" or "Cheers." Remember that it is poor manners to toast with an empty glass, so make sure your glass is at least halfway full of something to drink.

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