Great Homemade Father's Day Gifts

If you give your dad a silk tie from the local department store every year, it is time to shake things up and try something a bit more exciting. Instead of sticking with the gifts that kids have been buying for their fathers for generations, pull out your craft supplies and help your children make one of these easy and great homemade Father's Day gifts.

  1. Buy a plain tie and turn it into a personalized treasure with a photo of the kids and picture transfer techniques. The easiest picture transfer technique involves buying printable transfer paper, printing out the photo on the paper and ironing the printed transfer onto the tie. This technique is also the most kid-friendly one, as other techniques involve chemicals. If photo transfers just don't excite you, try sewing vintage bubble gum machine charms to a tie to create a fun conversation piece or letting the kids use fabric paint to turn it into a piece of artwork Dad can take along with him.
  2. Make a handy and useful set of magnet clips for the side of Dad's file cabinet, his fridge, or his magnetic white board. You will need magnets, clothespins, hot glue, paint and decorations. We used photos of the kids as our decorations, but small toys are also a good idea. Paint the clothespins and let them dry. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, glue the magnets to one side of the clothespins and glue the decorations to the other side. It is a very simple craft, but a lot of fun for kids to make. Even better, it is something Dads can actually use.
  3. Find a container that has something to do with Dad's favorite hobby and fill it with things he likes. For example, turn a golf hat upside down and put a set of new golf balls, passes to a local driving range, a few of his favorite snacks and a golf training DVD inside it. These themed gift baskets are a lot of fun to put together and won't end up in the back corner of Dad's closet with a decade's worth of ties that say "Number One Dad.".

Of course, the most important thing to remember when you are putting together a homemade Father's Day gift for your dad is a card letting him know how much he means to you.

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On Father's Day, how you celebrate might be more important than the gift you give. You can throw a BBQ or a Father's Day variety show, but bringing the family together to celebrate the occasion should be the top priority.

In order to honor the important role that fathers play in a family's life, a special day was designated as Father's Day. Father's Day history began at the turn of the twentieth century, and the holiday developed into a full-fledged celebration with gifts and greeting cards.

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When it comes to thinking up the best Father's Day gifts, it really helps to know as much as possible about your father's hobbies, passions and interests.

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