Kick Back on National Lazy Day

In this fast-paced world, the idea of spending a day doing nothing might seem nearly impossible. Still, taking some time out for relaxation can be beneficial to body and mind. If you're looking for an excuse to give yourself a deliciously lazy day doing nothing at all, then pencil National Lazy Day into your calendar for Aug. 10.

The origins of National Lazy Day

There is no original creator or origin recorded for National Lazy Day. One possibility is that the creator had every intention of documenting this information, but just didn't feel like it. Now that's taking part in the true spirit of the holiday!

It is also important to note that while the name of the day is National Lazy Day, it has never been declared an official American holiday by the president or voted on by Congress. Nevertheless, it retains an unofficial "national" title.

National Lazy Day celebration ideas

Planning out activities for a National Lazy Day celebration would go against everything the holiday stands for, so instead, make it a day to forget about all your plans.

Clear your calendar, postpone your appointments and take a personal day from work. Being lazy is all about just letting the day pass you by, so it's important not to have any responsibilities or obligations.

August 10 isn't just National Lazy Day, but it also doubles as National S'mores Day. If you happen to have all the supplies readily available to you and you won't be going out of your way to do so, feel free to make some s'mores as lazily as possible. One extra lazy alternative is to eat s'mores-flavored toaster pastries straight out of the package. (It might be too much effort to actually toast them.)

Whether you're a gamer or an avid reader, do whatever you love to do in the comfort of your own home or back yard. Push your worries aside, curl up on your couch or hammock, and take a well-needed rest for the good of your body and soul. Remember: There's no reason to do anything on National Lazy Day that can be done the following day!

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