We're Listening, National Radio Day

August 20 is National Radio Day, and we're listening.

Why we celebrate National Radio Day

The radio is arguably the most important invention of the 20th century, especially in the field of communication, so it's good that a whole day is set aside to honor it.

Even though it's been almost a hundred years since radio's advent, radio is still the most accessible form of communication throughout the world. It's the one form of mass communication most people have access to whether it's in their homes, cars or some place within their community. Radio is responsible for both news and entertainment in places that might not have other forms of mass media yet. One could go as far to say it's the closest thing our world has to a universal form of mass communication.

How to celebrate National Radio Day

The most important thing you can do to celebrate National Radio Day is to listen to the radio. Despite radio being a vital force in our world, some radio stations are struggling. Consider donating money to help them survive.

At the very least, you can give them your undivided support and attention on National Radio Day. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer, and lock your iPod in a desk drawer. Let your mind travel to distant places while listening to the news or talk shows on public radio. Find out what music is popular in your local area by listening to local radio stations. Learn what the young kids like by listening to college radio. If you're already an avid radio listener, tune in to a different station for a change.

Another idea is to participate in radio contests being held that day. Just check out your local radio stations to find out which ones are participating.

Surprisingly, the Internet is actually a major source of radio advocacy. Many bloggers passionately support the radio and its holiday. Learn more about radios by browsing these blogs; if you're really into blogging, write a post of your own to honor the day.

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