Work Like a Dog? Today's Your Day

August 5 is Work Like A Dog Day, a little-known celebration for people who work particularly hard -- and a great opportunity for everybody else to thank them and recognize what they do. If you work like a dog, then this could be the one day of the year when everybody gets a chance to let you know how much they value what you do.

The point of Work Like A Dog Day

Dogs are tenacious little creatures. When they set their minds to a task, they rarely give up. Chances are you've noticed this tenacity yourself if you've ever had a little Fido try to bury something in your backyard. Work Like A Dog Day is therefore a great way to recognize people who set their minds to doing something and don't give up until they achieve it, regardless of what the task is. This isn't just about achievement, though. This is about acknowledging those people that might otherwise be ignored yet who would never give up with the task at hand.

In the workplace

If one of your employees works like a dog, then why not use August 5 as an opportunity to say thank you? If you're feeling very generous, you could always give them the day off, or at the very least allow them to take a long lunch or clock out a few hours early. Flowers or chocolates are a nice token of your appreciation, but don't underestimate the value of simply saying "thank you" in front of everyone else.

At school or college

Teachers are often the uncelebrated champions of the world, helping children become the best that they can be and refusing to give up until they succeed. If your teacher or tutor has gone the extra mile, then use Work Like A Dog Day to say thank you by baking a cake, buying chocolates or presenting that person with some other gift. A simple "thank you" card can also go a long way. Don't forget to let the principal know, too.

Your friends or family

Chances are that one of your friends or family will have worked like a dog for you at one time or another. Did your uncle fix the garden fence for you? Perhaps your best friend helped teach you to drive when nobody else would? In either case, Work Like A Dog Day is the perfect chance for you to say thank you. Take the lucky person out for lunch or cook him or her a lovely meal to show your appreciation. Even a hug or a big smile and a kiss is probably more than enough. After all, people that work like a dog are happiest when they are making other people happy.

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