Cheer Up, It's Say Something Nice Day

In an ideal world, every day would be Say Something Nice Day. However, more often than not, politeness, pleasantries and compliments get lost in the hustle, bustle and stress of daily life. Many people fail to take time to say thanks or to brighten someone else's day, but inevitably they find a moment to honk a horn at a slow driver or criticize a friend for his faults. If you tend to remember and regret making more nasty comments than heart-warming compliments, it's time to cheer up and pay special attention to Say Something Nice Day.

When is Say Something Nice Day?

You won't find Say Something Nice Day on your calendar because this isn't an official national holiday. Nonetheless, several blog posts and news articles recognize June 1 as Say Something Nice Day. With warm weather fully in swing in many parts of the world, what better time to spread some goodwill and start the summer off right than the first day of June?

How to participate

Participating in Say Something Nice Day is as simple as it sounds. Everywhere you go, make an effort to say something nice -- not just to your friends and family, but to everyone you encounter. Compliment your server on her excellent service, tell your co-worker you appreciate her help or let the grocery store cashier know that he's got a great smile. For sincerity's sake, you might choose to keep the inspiration behind your kind words to yourself, or -- better yet -- you could inform others about the holiday so they can pay it forward.

Unlike many holidays that are celebrated once a year and are then quickly forgotten, Say Something Nice Day is meant to be more of a reminder than a celebration. Like a string tied around your finger, Say Something Nice Day is intended to make you aware of how you interact with others and inspire you to change your behavior going forward. It could be compared to Thanksgiving, which functions not only as a day to give thanks but also as a reminder to be grateful each and every day.

If you keep the spirit of Say Something Nice Day alive all year long, you'll be a better person with a better karmic balance; however, as an added bonus, you'll likely notice a positive change in how others treat you. Many people believe that you receive what you put out into the world. Thus, kindness is likely to be treated with more kindness, whereas negativity and rude behavior will bring more of the same. So, in being nice to others, you may, in turn, be rewarded with niceness.

Don't forget the Web

These days, a great deal of socializing happens on the Internet, so don't forget to extend the umbrella of Say Something Nice Day to include your email and social networking communications. Take the time to post compliments on your friends' walls or spread the word about Say Something Nice Day via tweets. Even if you're communicating with strangers, perhaps in a chat room or on a message board, don't use the cloak of anonymity as an excuse to treat people poorly. Remember the spirit of Say Something Nice Day in these situations, too -- both on June 1 and every other day of the year!

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