Fun Activities for Drawing Day

Many people are creative and enjoy drawing and creating art. However, unless you work in a creative profession, you likely don't make time to draw on a daily or even weekly basis. Enter Drawing Day. Touted as 'a day the world dropped everything to draw,' this unofficial annual holiday is meant to inspire individuals to indulge their creative side and share their art with the world. From the classroom to the artist's studio to the online art community, Drawing Day can involve many fun activities.

When is Drawing Day?

According to the official Drawing Day Web site, Drawing Day is an initiative that began in 2008 and is celebrated the first Saturday in June. Thus, in 2011, Drawing Day took place on June 4, and in 2012 it will be held on June 2. The purpose of the initiative is to remind artists why they love to create and remind the world why art is so important. It was started with the goal of inspiring one million drawings worldwide, which is why participants are urged not just to create drawings, but to share them as well.

Ideas for Drawing Day activities

Plenty of fun activities for Drawing Day exist beyond just picking up a pencil and drawing all by your lonesome -- although that's perfectly fine if you prefer. Alternatively, you could create an event in your community or among your friends where everyone comes together to create drawings. Perhaps you use your collective drawing skills to create a mural for your community to enjoy, you take turns drawing each other or you create drawings to give to one another. Adding some other fun elements, like music and food, could certainly add to the celebratory atmosphere as well.

If you're a teacher, you might get kids interested in art by holding drawing competitions for Drawing Day or coming up with different drawing themes. Artists young and old might submit their drawings for potential publication in the annual 'Drawing Day Book,' which celebrates and raises money for Drawing Day while also giving artists recognition.

Drawing Day is really just about making time to draw, so it's up to you what you spend your time drawing. You could pick up some pencils or other art supplies and do it the old-fashioned way, or you might use your mouse to create drawings on your computer. In honor of Drawing Day, many online art communities share fun ideas for different techniques and subject matters to explore, as well as tips for improving your drawing skills.

Sharing your drawings

According to the official Drawing Day Web site, sharing your drawings or other artwork with the world is a vital part of this annual initiative. This can be done at physical events held around the nation, but, thanks to technology, you can also share your drawings without even leaving your home. A variety of online art communities offer the opportunity to share your work, but you're also invited to upload your drawings to the Drawing Day Web site and associated Facebook page. The Web site even offers a free drawing tool that lets you create and upload drawings using your computer -- another easy and fun activity to consider on Drawing Day.

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