Fun Activities for Sierra Club Day

The Sierra Club was founded on May 28, 1892, by conservationist and preservationist John Muir of San Francisco. Decades later, prominent supporters of the Sierra Club launched Sierra Club Day, to help raise awareness about environmental preservation.

Although Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22, many communities also take note of the May 28th anniversary of the Sierra Club. People from all over the world who are concerned about a sustainable future host fun activities and educational programs to encourage participation. If you want to get involved, following are a few activities that you can plan as a family or with a group.

Organize a cleanup

There are few activities more motivating than getting a group of people outside on a beautiful spring day to clean up a hiking trail, road, riverbank, park or beach. At first glance this may seem more like a chore than a fun activity, but enthusiastic kids and adults will quickly find pleasure and camaraderie in their efforts.

Participate in a recycling parade

A recycling parade is ideal for a school or other kids' organization. Parents and teachers can help kids make their own "recycled" costume to wear in the parade while using the project as a teaching moment. Whether you turn a cardboard box into a recycling bin or devise a crazy, creative theme that incorporates a recyclable item, you're limited only by your imagination. gives more details about how to organize a recycling parade and make costumes.

Encourage science projects

Another way for kids to participate is to plan a science project and present it at a local festival or other event. The project can be as simple as explaining the three Rs of the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle), showing the different types of trash bags and how long it takes them to break down, designing and building a weather vane or building a device that demonstrates the power of solar energy.

Attend a celebration

Many communities hold all-day or weekend events in parks or other venues. These events feature entertainment, presentations by educational speakers and prizes for green projects and crafts made of recycled materials. All of these family-friendly activities are designed to help you learn more about easy changes you can make at home.

Make a sustainable meal

Bring your whole family together to plan a sustainable meal. Visit a local farmers market, even if you have to drive out out of town, and buy organic and sustainably grown produce to make the meal. Try to use as many local fruits, vegetables and meats as possible, and explain to your family how doing so lowers the eco footprint of the meal you're preparing. Give everyone a dish to prepare as well as a clean-up task.

Whether you want to get your family more involved in supporting old-fashioned Sierra Club Day or your kids are urging you to join them in celebrating Earth Day, use this special time for family bonding. For details on events in your area, visit the Sierra Club Web site.

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