How Did National Sea Monkey Day Get Started?

Especially since the advent of the Internet, the calendar has become filled with holidays and observances that are eclectic, creative and often downright silly. If you've ever wondered how something like National Sea Monkey day got started, then behold the power of the Internet to spawn wacky but fun notions.

The concept of Sea-MonkeysR can be chalked up to a genius marketing ploy from creator Harold von Braunhut. It has now apparently gained a devoted fan base. Essentially, this ever-popular critter is simply brine shrimp packaged in its own plastic 'tank' with its eggs and all of the essentials for life in packets with catchy names. Sea-Monkeys burst onto the market in 1960 and were huge sellers; they continue to find buyers in the present day.

The origins of National Sea Monkey Day

It's still a little unclear as to how National Sea Monkey Day got its start, though several holiday calendar sites point to the fan site Sea Monkey Worship as the beginnings of the holiday. Just take a dedicated Web site and -- in some cases -- suggestions for how to observe such a holiday, and sometimes that's all it takes to get it written into the calendar. May 16 has been set aside for reflecting on the enjoyment Sea-Monkeys bring to life.

National Sea Monkey Day evolution

Today, Sea-Monkey fanciers around the world have picked up on this impromptu holiday, and many suggestions have come forward about how best to celebrate such a day. These traditions start with the obvious. Buy some Sea-Monkeys if you don't have any yet.

After that, it's all about the music, food and drink you bring to your enjoyment of Sea-Monkeys. Most munchies involved in Sea-Monkey celebrations revolve around either shrimp or bananas (and sometimes both). If you choose to add music to your party, you may include any -- instrumental or lyrical -- specifically relating to Sea-Monkeys, underwater creatures or even just the ocean itself.

However you choose to celebrate it, National Sea Monkey Day was specifically created to raise awareness and enjoyment for these little creatures, which make the perfect 'pet' for small children (or for places where pets are not allowed).

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