May the Fourth Be With You on Star Wars Day

Does the phrase "May the Fourth be with you" instantly conjure images of light sabers, spaceships, droids and one giant Death Star? May 4 is Star Wars Day. It is the day fans across the galaxy, or at least across the globe, celebrate the iconic movie Star Wars and all its brethren.

The origins of Star Wars Day, according to BBC News, may be traced to a misinterpretation by a German news channel in 2005. During an interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas, the translator misinterpreted the original movie's famous quote, "May the force be with you," to "May the Fourth be with you." The translation caught the attention of the fans. Star Wars Day on May 4 soon evolved.

A long time ago (May 25, 1977) in a galaxy far away (actually in 42 U.S. theaters), Star Wars: A New Hope was released. Written and directed by George Lucas, the space fantasy chronicled the adventures of a small band of rebels fighting for the galaxy's freedom from the evil Emperor. The Star Wars saga ended up spanning six feature films, an animated television series, books, graphic novels, games and more. On Star Wars Day, fans can celebrate their love for all things Star Wars in several ways.

Movie marathon

The dedicated Star Wars fan might choose a movie marathon for his May 4 celebration. The combined running times of the six feature-length films total 797 minutes, or about 13 1/2 hours -- without bathroom breaks or a chance to indulge in nerf steak. While the Millennium Falcon may stock nerf steak for its passengers, you may have a hard time finding it at your local earthly grocer. However, consider serving other tasty treats, such as blue milk (just add a bit of food coloring so it looks like Luke's drink in Episode 4) and white chocolate truffles to pay homage to the ice planet of Hoth in Episode 5, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Talk like Yoda

Jedi Master Yoda plays an integral part in the Star Wars universe. When fans first meet Yoda in Episode 5, the diminutive green alien is almost 900 years old. He is immensely wise, a fierce fighter and possesses a unique backward speech pattern that can be fun to mimic. Instead of greeting your coworker with "How are you today," you might say, "Today, you are how?" You also could find ways to insert some of Yoda's famous quotes into your day: "Size matters not," or "No! Try not. Do...or do not. There is no try." Don't forget the prophetic "Always in motion is the future." Be sure to add a few "mmmm's" after your Yoda-speak, as he does: "Help you I can. Yes, mmmm."

Listen to Star Wars music

Pay homage to the epic scores of John Williams. Williams composed the music for all six movies and won an Oscar in 1978 for Star Wars: A New Hope for Best Music, Original Score.

Throw a Star Wars party

Invite fellow fans and have everyone dress as his favorite character. Screen the movies, listen to the soundtrack music and play games centered on all things Star Wars. You could include Star Wars charades where your guests must act scenes from movies, such as the light saber duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Episode 5. Another game is Name that Character. Write out several quotes from each movie, and have your guests take turns guessing which Star Wars character said which quote. Make it harder by having them state which movie featured the quote.

However you choose to honor and celebrate the Star Wars saga, be sure to wish everyone all day a heartfelt "May the Fourth be with you."

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