Celebrating National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day celebrates the hard work of American teachers and all they have done for their students. This day is part of the annual Teacher Appreciation Week, which happens in May.

History of National Teacher Day
National Teacher Day has taken a long time to build steam. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt asked Congress for a national holiday. Then, the National Education Association (NEA) requested a day in 1980, but the holiday was not extended to the following years. Then, in 1985, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) launched Teacher Appreciation Week. National Teacher Day is still not an official holiday according to the United States government.

The Importance of National Teacher Day
Not only do teachers work hard (imagine filling an hour of class time yourself!), but many of them are also young and just getting started in their careers. Not only do they have to instruct their students, but they also have to maintain paperwork and keep parents happy.

Thanking Your Child's Teachers
On the Tuesday of the first full week of May, here are some ideas for helping your child thank a teacher:

  • Tell your child to say "thank you." The NEA asked teachers what they would like on National Teacher Day, and almost half of them just wanted to hear the two magic words.
  • Create a banner. If you know several of your child's classmates or if they are friends, meet with their parents, and collaborate on a banner that you can bring to school on the big day.
  • Bring a teacher care package. You don't have to be extravagant with teacher gifts, but giving a teacher a mug packaged with a collection of hot tea can be a small gesture that means a lot.
  • Commit to volunteering at your school. You may not be able to serve National Teacher Day itself, but you can volunteer for fundraising activities or ask what you can do to help.
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