Wiggle Your Toes on No Socks Day

After a long cold winter of wearing socks and boots, it's time to wiggle your toes on No Socks Day. This holiday, celebrated on May 8, was created by Wellcat Holidays, an organization known for its unusual holidays. With No Socks Day, the aim is to have everyone forgo socks for one day as a way to promote foot health and also cut down on laundry, which in turn uses less water, electricity and detergent. In other words, you're doing your bit for the environment.

Prepare for No Socks Day

It goes without saying that you can't just pull your socks off and step into sandals or go barefoot without a little preparation. Men and women alike will do well to tend to their feet to show them off to their best advantage. Put your best foot forward by booking an appointment for a pedicure, or take care of the job yourself.

Start by soaking your feet in a foot bath for at least 15 minutes. Add bubble bath, shower gel or bath salts to the water so that your feet will come out squeaky clean.

After patting them dry, inspect your nails. While long fingernails may be considered elegant, there's nothing attractive about long toenails. Use a good nail clipper first and then an emery board to file them smooth. Pay attention to toe cuticles, pushing them back if need be with a cuticle tool. Ladies can apply polish for the final touch. Whether you prefer bright red, delicate pink or a nude shade, many people feel that any color is better than no color at all.

Don't forget your heels. Your toes may look beautiful, but if your heels are cracked and dry, you won't look well-groomed. Rub them smooth with a pumice stone. To finish off the treatment, refresh your feet with a moisturizing foot cream.

No Socks Day activities

Now that you've thrown your socks overboard, what are you going to do for the day?

  • Walk on grass. Why not head for the park and walk in the grass? Sun-drenched, warm grass should feel like heaven on your newly exposed feet.
  • Take a beach walk. If you live near the ocean, treat your feet to a walk on the beach. The sand is therapeutic, and the roughness of the sand will smooth down your soles and heels and will stimulate blood circulation. The effort of walking on the beach also will benefit the muscles in your calves and thighs.

Other ways to wiggle your toes

  • Place a towel on a hard floor, and put your feet on the towel. Try to gather the towel, bit by bit, toward you with your toes. This exercise is especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from foot cramps.
  • Ladies, while waiting for your nail polish to dry, give your feet a workout by using your feet to simulate the hands of a clock, pausing at every number.
  • If you love to walk barefoot and admire your freshly painted toenails, make the most of it by raising yourself as high on your toes as you can, then holding that position for a second or two, much like a ballerina would raise herself on demi-pointe. Not only does this exercise stimulate the blood flow in your feet, it strengthens the muscles of your lower legs.

Give your feet needed exercise and freedom after being cooped up for months. Go barefoot or opt for sandals and let your feet breathe. There are good reasons why you should wiggle your toes on No Socks Day. Then again, why wait until May 8? You can get started right now, and your toes and feet will be in better shape than ever before.

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