Creative Mother's Day Ideas

Looking for creative Mother's Day ideas that go beyond flowers and chocolate? Regardless of how it is celebrated, Mother's Day is a holiday intended to give all sons and daughters a chance to show Mom some extra love and appreciation. Flowers for Mothers Day are always appropriate, but it's not what you give that matters. On Mother's Day, gestures that show how much Mom is loved are what count.

The Main Event
To give Mom a real treat, be sure to plan early and try to get everyone to clear their calendars so you can get the whole family involved. If you want to celebrate Mom with any activity that involves making an appointment, be sure to make the appointment far enough in advance so you're not left scrambling for plans the day before. Setting up an atmosphere in which Mom can spend leisure time with the whole family should be a top priority.

Breakfast in Bed. You can't go wrong if you give Mom a break from breakfast. Surprise her with your favorite breakfast foods, and carry in everything on a tray that she can use later to read in bed. Also consider the presentation of the breakfast. Serve the meal on good dishes, and top everything off with a card and a flower in a vase.

Spa Surprise. Give Mom a special treat by booking a spa appointment. Depending on what she likes and your budget, you can book a manicure/pedicure, a facial or even a massage. Make the trip special by not telling her where you're going, blindfolding her and driving her there.

A Night Out at Home. Tell Mom you're going out to a fancy restaurant, and keep her out of the kitchen, perhaps by distracting her with a Spa Surprise. Prepare one of her favorite recipes, and set up the dining-room table as if it were a five-star restaurant. Make a special menu so Mom will have a souvenir of the experience. As she dines, the kids, if they are old enough, can act as waiters and waitresses.

Do the chores. One of the surest ways to appreciate what Mom does is to walk in her shoes for one day. On Mother's Day, spouses and kids should do the chores, including doing the laundry and taking out the trash, without being asked. They should also clean their rooms, and they should be scrupulous about tidying up so everything is clean the next day.

Mother's Day Mementos
At the end of the day, when Mom is relaxed and happy, present her with an even bigger surprise that gives her a memory of a special Mother's Day.

Shows of Appreciation. You can't go wrong if you let Mom know how much you love her. Make Mom homemade Mother's Day cards, poems, flowers or pictures. Decorate the living or dining room with tributes to Mom on hearts, pictures, photos or sayings. Present a Mother's Day show that includes songs, a puppet show or jokes, and she'll really appreciate seeing the kids work together peacefully to do something just for her.

Make Memories. Share a favorite memory of time with Mom. This can be done in words or pictures. Kids can draw a picture of themselves with Mom, or even a series of pictures illustrating a story of them doing something with Mom. Put the series of pictures into a little Mother's Day book, a photo album or a hand-decorated folder.

Mother's Day Coupon Book. Doing chores on Mother's Day is great, but why not give her a break from chores that lasts? A Mother's Day coupon book can include coupons for meals and chores. When Mom wants to cash in, she gives you a coupon, and you do the chore.

Mother's Day Gift Baskets. After celebrating Mom with a special event, take the opportunity to give her a gift basket based on that event. For example, after she's finished with a breakfast in bed, give her a basket with pancake mixes, jams, jellies and coffee for her to enjoy later. If you give Mom a spa treatment, surprise her when she gets home by giving her an assortment of bath gels, salts, scrubs and a bath pillow.

Planning the perfect Mother's Day starts with thinking about all the ways Mom is special. Plan activities geared towards Mom's interests and hobbies. What would she do if she could spend the day doing her first choice of activities? Think of including Mom's favorite friends and family members to make an appreciation party for Mother's Day. With a personal element of creativity and fun, and many shows of appreciation and caring, she'll never forget this Mother's Day.

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