Choosing the Perfect Gift for Mom

Mother's Day is about taking the time to celebrate the special moms who've made a difference in your life, given you affection, or helped you throughout the years (yes, this does include your fire-breathing mother-in-law). We've got ideas for the perfect gift for mom that will make this day wonderful and unique.

Food-Loving Moms: One of the most special things you can do is cook for someone. Let's face it, doing the cooking, cleaning, setting the table and making an effort for everything to look beautiful is a lot more work than ordering food at a restaurant. and are two of the most popular food Web sites and both offer "quick and easy" recipe sections for the beginning cook. Just make sure you're the one shopping for the ingredients, not her. If you already know you're all thumbs in the kitchen, try taking her out to her favorite place or somewhere that serves the type of food she loves.

Need Pampering Moms: You can arrange for special pampering services that any mother dreams of - manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, massage, facials or waxing. It's better if you make a joint appointment, that way you can spend quality time together. Or give a gift certificate so she can choose the services she wants on a day she wants.

Adventurous Moms: Okay, so she doesn't like being cooped up inside? I suggest looking into picnics at local parks, hiking, maybe a mini road trip to a national park? Or find a museum that reflects her interests. Has she always said she wanted to take lessons in a musical instrument or foreign language? Make arrangements for her to have classes.

Charity Giving Moms: Find companies that give proceeds to a charity that may be special to the person in mind. has gifts for not just breast cancer causes, but also hunger, child health, literacy, rainforest and animal protection. Heart disease is the number one killer among women in the United States today with more than 350,000 deaths a year. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 70,000 women will die from lung cancer this year (2nd leading cause of death) and more than 40,000 from breast cancer. is an online database of more than 1.7 million non-profit organizations. You can go on the Web site and use the advanced search feature to find non-profits for any cause in any city. You can even donate online and have the donation made in honor of whomever you like.

Flower Moms: Surprise her with a gardening or flower patch you planted in the yard yourself. Send her a bouquet or arrangement of her favorite flowers or flowers that are her favorite color. Show her you're being extra thoughtful by picking flowers that have special meanings.

Gadget Moms: Every woman needs an electronic gadget, even if she doesn't know it. Look for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to help keep her organized, ipods if she's into music, digital picture frames, digital cameras or even GPS devices if her sense of direction is lacking. If you don't want to buy something without doing your research first, check out for feedback on all sorts of different electronic stuff.

Sentimental Moms: Gifts are just waiting to be personalized. Engrave initials on picture frames, write poems on jewelry boxes and customize keepsakes or figurines. Personalizing something makes the difference between an average gift and one that's treasured forever.

Gift Ideas from Kids: Help kids to make handmade cards, crafts, and ceramics or even write little poems. If you take them to your local craft store and have them pick out the materials they want, it'll be more fun for them and you. Try buying a fairly inexpensive clear vase and help your kids to design it with paints, sparkles, the works. For extra sentimental value, you should video tape your kids making the crafts and have everyone say a little something to mom on camera. Remember that hand-made gifts and cards are little treasures that moms keep for years.

Stress Free Tip: I don't like giving late gifts and I'm sure you don't either. If you're ordering your gift online, make sure you know the actual shipping and arrival dates.

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