Funny Mother's Day Poems

Writing your own funny mother's day poems can be the perfect way to say how you feel. Often, Mother's Day poems are serious and talk about love and affection, but sometimes a mother and daughter relationship is much more than a serious relationship, especially if the mother, the daughter or both have a fun sense of humor. Mother's day poems can be touching and funny all at the same time, if you choose your inspiration carefully.

Finding Inspiration
You can show love, respect and affection with a funny Mother's Day poem, while at the same time giving Mom a good laugh. Start by heading to the greeting card store and reading some of the cards for sale. You'll get some ideas for saying things in funny ways by looking at the work of professionals.

To personalize your poem, think about your experiences with Mom. Is there a punch line or an in-joke that the two of you share? Think of those "remember when you did that" times and use a reference to them to write your poem.

Mothers always like certain things; some may like frogs, cows, pigs, lighthouses, etc.. If you have a good, funny memory that centers around your mother's favorite thing, you can write a poem about this. Or maybe you found a good joke about your mother's favorite subject that you can incorporate into a Mother's Day poem. You can use her favorite things as characters or locations in your poem as well.

Adding Images
If you have children, you may have a picture of your children being silly. You can make your own card with the picture and a short poem about why your children were being silly. You can also add silly captions to the picture, then write a short poem about mothers and their children under the picture.

Dig through the photo albums to look for pictures of your Mom or yourself in a silly or embarassing situation. These can be the launching point for a memorable Mother's Day card.

You can always find commercial Mother's Day cards that are funny, but your mother will appreciate a handmade card much more. A handmade card has a personal touch that reflects your relationship with your mother, allowing you to say just the right thing. 

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