Writing Mother's Day Poems from Daughter

Mother's Day poems from a daughter need to highlight the special relationship that mothers and daughters share. Daughters without their own families can discuss the ways that Mom has been there in difficult or happy times. Daughters with families can reflect on how Mom helped them prepare for childbirth and parenting. Writing your own Mother's Day poetry is far better than buying a card in a store, because you can personalize your poems with images and memories that are special to the two of you.

The Power of Poetry
A poet uses words to bring out emotions and surround the subject with magic. Poetry has been around for eons, and has always been used to tell someone special about the writer's feelings. Over time, certain poems have become associated with specific holidays or special times. Mother's Day is one of those holidays. As a thoughtful gift, a poem has no equal.

When writing or choosing a Mother's Day poem, think about what your mother means to you and what she has done for you over the years. Mothers and daughters do not always get along, but when writing a Mother's Day poem, concentrate on the good parts of the relationship. Don't forget that even if there are times when you and your mother did not agree, that special love that only a mother and daughter can have is always there.

Choosing a Form
A Mother's Day poem can rhyme, not rhyme, be serious, be funny or follow a strict poetry format or not. Mother's Day poetry can be a short story formatted as a poem, or it can be a few lines long. However you decide to communicate your feelings toward your mother, she will like it because it's from you and because there is a unique chemistry and strong bond between a mother and daughter. Whether your mother is your best friend or acts as a guide, your mother deserves your love and appreciation.

It's often helpful to read through poetry anthologies or to look at Mother's Day greeting cards to find inspiration. Note the different forms that poetry can take, from free verse to iambic pentameter to rhyming couplets. If you're not comfortable with writing, choose a simple form, such as free verse. The sentiment matters more than the form.

Writing Your Poem
Start by thinking about your memories with your mother. Think about experiences or special times the two of you have shared. Put yourself back in those moments, thinking about where you were, what you saw, what you smelled and tasted and what you felt. Alternately, you can start with something your mother loves, such as cooking, a favorite pet or a favorite place.

Write down some ideas and the feelings you associate with them. Don't start looking for rhyming words just yet. Instead, jot down some words that capture your emotion or the environment. Think about simple ways to convey what you're thinking and feeling. The essence of poetry is economical language, which means using a few well-chosen words to get your message across.

Once you have some images in mind, think about how they relate to your overall impression of your Mom and your relationship with her. At this point, the structure of the poem should become obvious to you. Write a first draft, using the words and emotions that you previously listed. It sometimes takes a few drafts to get things just right, but the effort is sure to be appreciated.

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