How to Create a Memorable Mother's Day Scrapbook

For a beautiful Mother's Day scrapbook, start by thinking of how Mom looks at the world. How does she talk about the family? Which memories does she bring up over and over again? Is she more sentimental or funny? Start with her perspective, and then assemble memories in the perfect package.

Choose a theme. The scrapbook won't start coming together until you think of a thread that ties together all the pictures and memories. The theme can be as broad as you like. "Love" or "Flowers" might work well. But the theme can help you pick the color of the scrapbook, the decorations inside and even the words you use.

Select the right colors. Resist the temptation to buy the first scrapbook you find. Think about the colors and patterns your Mom loves the best. Think of colors that will attract her eye and encourage her to pull out the scrapbook.

Go beyond pictures. While printing out digital photos is certainly your easiest option, a scrapbook is different from a photo album because it includes materials that made memories. Dad can go through old records and memory boxes to find greeting cards, ticket stubs and vacation brochures to pick out what might work in the scrapbook.

Pick an organizing principle. At this point, your family will probably have a huge stack of photos and an even larger stack of stubs and scraps. Start sorting these items into smaller stacks. You can sort everything by decade or by individual year. However, you can try other organizing schemes, such as dividing the scrapbook into sections representing each person in the family.

Record your memories. Once you have decided which photos and memorabilia will be in the book and how you will organize everything, be sure to write down dates and brief explanations of what happened on those days. Or, add quotations from members of the family that describe how they felt when the pictures were taken. Assign this task to the member of the family who has the best penmanship, or print this information out and paste it into the scrapbook. Finish by writing "Happy Mother's Day" and the year either on the first or last page so you will all remember when you gave it to her.

When Mom sees the results, you'll understand why a scrapbook is one of the most popular Mother's Day gift ideas. A scrapbook lets her look back on the past, and this Mother's Day will give her new memories to add.

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