Stop Making Sense on Mad Hatter Day

Whether you're an Alice in Wonderland fan or are just looking for an excuse to act "mad as a hatter," Mad Hatter Day offers the opportunity for some silly fun. The holiday is celebrated every October 6, so gather your teacups and your biggest hats, and pencil this funniest of "unbirthdays" onto your calendar.

Who is the Mad Hatter?

The character of the Mad Hatter originated in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, then reappeared in the sequel called Through the Looking Glass. He also appears in several film adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, as well as plays, music videos and even a ballet based on the story.

The Mad Hatter and his companion, the March Hare, are constantly having tea because they are permanently stuck at the hour of 6 p.m. The Hatter has a tendency to recite nonsense poetry and ask unanswerable riddles while switching places with the March Hare and shouting "tea time!" randomly at the table. The Cheshire Cat calls both the Hatter and the Hare "quite mad."

The Mad Hatter's tall hat is one of his most distinguishing features. It bears a sign that reads "10/6." While this most likely refers to shillings and pence rather than the date, this marking is the reason Mad Hatter Day is celebrated on October 6.

How to celebrate Mad Hatter Day

Mad Hatter Day is the perfect opportunity to gather family and friends and put together a "mad" tea party. Brew your favorite teas, and prepeare some snacks and finger sandwiches to enjoy. Silly hats can be optional, but they should be encouraged!

After tea, put on a film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland -- either the animated classic or the more recent live action film starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Is it your unbirthday? You have 364 of them per year, so chances are it probably is. Throw an unbirthday party, complete with cake and small gifts, for yourself and any friends who are also celebrating an unbirthday.

The Mad Hatter remains one of the best-loved characters from Lewis Carroll's classic works, so this October, be sure to put aside the time to celebrate. The stranger the celebration, the better.

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