Get Creative on Wonderful Weirdos Day

If you've ever wished there were a day dedicated to quirkiness and eccentricity, then get ready to celebrate in September. Wonderful Weirdos Day comes around every September 9, so start cooking up some creativity.

Why weirdos?

Wonderful Weirdos Day was first conceived by the folks of Austin, Texas, whose pride in their own weirdness is evidenced by a city slogan that encourages citizens to "Keep Austin Weird." The Austin residents were wise to take pride in their oddity. After all, some of the world's most influential figures (think: Gandhi, Einstein and Mozart) could be considered weird in their own ways.

Celebrate in (weird) style

One simple way to celebrate Wonderful Weirdos Day is to don the wackiest outfit you own. Stripes, polka dots and checks? Why not? Kids especially love picking out the very strangest ensemble they can concoct. If full-on weirdness is a little too much for you, try picking one weird element as a focal point, such as an eccentric bow-tie, hat or shoes.

Getting around

Walking, driving or riding the bus are all way too normal for Wonderful Weirdos Day. If you have a chance to take the kids for a treat, try a weirder form of travel. Play with silly items such as pogo sticks, training stilts or moon shoes. If you can't find any of those, make your own silly way to get around. You could all skip, gallop or make a "train" (complete with sound effects) wherever you go.

Weird feast

Arguably the best way to celebrate a weird holiday is with a delectable spread of eccentric edibles. Visit the supermarket and pick up anything that strikes you as a little odd (such as those tiny bananas). Of course, with a little food coloring, you can make your own weird smorgasbord that will still taste delicious.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Wonderful Weirdos Day, use this September 9 as an excuse to think far outside of the box and have fun doing so.

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