Grandparents Day Activities and Celebrations

When it's Grandparents Day, make sure to celebrate in such a way that the grandparents know how much they are loved in return with fun Grandparents Day activities. It's also a day to recognize the value that senior citizens have in the community.

If grandparents live far away from their grandchildren, often a simple visit is enough to be considered a celebration. Meeting grandparents halfway at a restaurant, park or museum for a fun outing is a wonderful way to let the generations reconnect. Grandparents who live close by will appreciate a gathering of friends and family and participating in family activities. Homemade cards, poems and letters will always touch a grandparents heart.

For long-distance grandparents, there are several things that grandchildren can do to let grandmas and grandpas know how special they are. Allow children to "interview" a grandparent over the phone with pre-determined questions, such as "What kinds of pets did you have when you were my age?" and "What was your most memorable birthday as a child?" Your child can create a little book of memories for the grandparent that will be treasured by both.

Putting together a genealogy tree is another task that grandchildren and grandparents can work on together in person or over the phone.. Filling in the blanks behind who is related to whom will inevitably cause the memories to flow, and participants of all ages will benefit. You can submit completed family trees to several genealogical research websites and companies so others can benefit from your work.

For those that don't have grandparents nearby, consider senior citizens that don't have their family in the area. There are ways to adopt a grandparent and make regular visits to a nearby nursing home. Many residents don't receive many visitors, and a simple visit from a local family is often the highlight of their week. Make cards or crafts with the senior citizen to distribute to others in the home, or make something to present to your adopted grandparent as a gift. Families can also volunteer with Meals on Wheels or other senior-oriented companies who are always in need of helpful hands.

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