Preparing for Labor Day Weekend Travel

Since Labor Day was originally designated to commemorate the American labor force, it's only right that Labor Day weekend travel has grown to become a holiday of vacationing and recreation, one of the busiest travel times of the year. Labor Day travel means millions of people hit the road or head to the airports. If you plan ahead, you can enjoy a number of traditional Labor Day activities, without the stress that comes with so many fellow travelers. Why not head to the beach, go camping in the mountains or take a road trip to see the wonders of the country?

In order to plan for Labor Day travel, make sure to prepare well in advance. Everything, from hotels to airlines to restaurants, will be running at full capacity over this popular travel weekend. Take advantage of Labor Day specials and lock in your arrangements as soon as possible. Those who wait until the last minute to start Labor Day planning will likely be disappointed to find everything booked up.

If you are flying to your Labor Day vacation destination, book tickets early seek out off-peak travel times. By flying out during mid-morning and early afternoon hours, you can often avoid the bulk of the crowds. Check with airlines and travel agents for Labor Day weekend specials. Minimize the amount of luggage you'll carry, either by shipping some items ahead or scaling down your wardrobe. If traveling with kids, fly smart: bring plenty of snacks, quiet games and coloring books.

Above all, just know that air travel over the Labor Day weekend is going to be crowded and likely come with delays and frustrations, especially for those who did last-minute Labor Day planning. Head into it with a positive attitude and don't let it get your Labor Day vacation off to a grumpy start.

If a road trip is more your Labor Day style, there are a few things you can do to make the most of the long weekend. First, make sure your car is in top shape, with oil, brakes and tire pressure checked by a professional. Ensure that all child restraint devices and car seats are properly installed and that children have plenty of entertainment.

Always obey the traffic and safety rules and never drive when you are tired, no matter how fast you want to arrive at your destination. Nobody wants to spend a holiday in the hospital.

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