Rats, Dogs and Roosters: Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Chinese zodiac compatibility is one of the many ways to tell if you and your potential love mate are destined for happiness or for heartbreak. Chinese astrology is based on twelve different animal signs. Each year is ruled by a different animal, and the animals rotate in a specific order. If you know your potential partner's year of birth, you'll be able to tell how the two of you will get along.

Since so many romantic combinations are possible in Chinese astrology, we'll describe how it works with three of the animals in the Chinese zodiac: Rats, Dogs and Roosters.

The Rat is the first animal sign in the zodiac and ruled in the years 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008. The year of the Dog occurred in the two years previous to the year of the Rat: 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006. Roosters were born in 1957, 1969, 1981 and 1993 and 2005.

Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines. The Chinese New Year falls on January or February each year, so the year of a certain animal will begin at a specific period each year. In order to have the most accuracy, you need to look up the date online if you have a February or January birthday.

Rat, Dog and Rooster Personalities
Rats are romantic and tend to be magnetic to other people. They are charming and witty, but they also want to be in charge most of the time. This can be difficult for other dominant signs.

Dogs can be shy in relationships and rarely make the first move. They like to get to know people really well before starting a romantic relationship. They feel their emotions deeply and are compassionate toward their partners.

Roosters are practical and either like you or don't. They know instantly whether or not they'll have a relationship with a person. They can be stoic and private, but they are trustworthy.

The Romantic Matchups
Just like with Western astrology, Chinese zodiac symbols have different levels of compatibility. Once you determine your zodiac animal, you'll be able to determine how you'll get along with any of these three signs by using the following chart:

Rat and Rat: This combination is a surefire recipe for success, especially in business. This is a couple to watch.

Rat and Dog: The Rat may feel held back by the Dog. There might be dull moments in the relationship.

Rat and Rooster: There are so many potential conflicts in this partnership that it should be avoided completely.

Dog and Rooster: This pairing doesn't have a lot in common, so they may have trouble with compatibility.

Working Chinese astrology is a good idea to gain insight into your relationship. No matter what your animal sign, you should be able to find information online to help you determine your compatibility.

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When most Westerners think of Chinese Zodiac astrology, the Chinese Zodiac animals come to mind, with the Year of the Rat, Year of the Dragon and so forth. However, Chinese astrology goes much deeper than the 12 animal zodiac signs that can be found on the placemats of Chinese restaurants.

The Chinese zodiac is represented by 12 different animal signs, which cycle through 12 years. A person's Chinese zodiac sign is thought to predetermine his characteristics and personality and reveals clues to his successes and potential failures.

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The Chinese Zodiac symbols represent many things about a person, including personality characteristics, keys to success and clues to potential flaws. Each Chinese Zodiac symbol is tied to either Yin or Yang, the names given to opposing forces of the world. 

The Chinese Zodiac assigns an animal to each year of a twelve-year cycle. Unlike the Zodiac commonly used in Western astrology, which has a different astrological sign for each month of a single year, the Chinese Zodiac signs have an animal and its related characteristics assigned for each year in a twelve-year cycle on the Chinese calendar.

The history of Chinese Zodiac signs is quite different from the occidental Zodiac. The Chinese Zodiac history is quite different from the occidental Zodiac. Records show that the Chinese calendar emerged around 2637 BCE in 60-year cycles, divided into five 12-year sub cycles. Certain animal symbols were assigned to each of the 12 years. How those animals were selected is a popular Chinese Zodiac legend.

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