Great Adult New Year's Eve Party Games

New Year's Eve party games can help your guests pass the time until the ball drops. The point of each of these games is to get guests interacting so no one gets sleepy or bored, as New Year's eve parties last longer than most.

Guess The Resolution: A funny game would be to have couples show how well they know each other by guessing each other's New Year's Resolutions, a la The Newlywed Game. Take one member of the couple into a separate room, and ask the remaining person to write down what she thinks her partner's resolution was. Have the other partner do the same in another room. Then get the two back together and see if the answers match up. Those with matching answers are the winners.

Newsmakers: Take name tags, and write the name of a famous person who enjoyed a triumph (or a spectacular scandal) in the past year on each tag. Make enough for each guest. As each guest arrives, place the name tag on his back. Guests should ask each other "yes" or "no" questions to discover the identities they've been assigned. When a guest feels sure he knows the answer, he can check in with the hostess. The first person to guess the identity of the newsmaker is the winner.

Who Wants To Be A Bartender? If you have friends who fancy themselves mixologists, invite them to bring some bartending gear and create cocktails with the champagne you have provided. Have each guest blind-taste-test the cocktails and vote on the winner, who gets a set of fancy bar ware. Just be sure to serve everything in small cups, or you might wind up with too many guests sleeping on your floor.

Current Events Trivial Pursuit: Take a game of Trivial Pursuit, and use the regular board and pie pieces. However, write your own questions in the various Trivial Pursuit categories that reflect major moments from the past year. Anyone who hasn't played trivia much will be amazed at how competitive and exciting it can get.

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For a New Year's Eve party for the grown-ups, these themes will encourage guests to take a fond look back on the year that has passed while celebrating a new beginning.

You can do several things to ensure that you act as the responsible host and make sure your guests make it home safely, also relieving you of any responsibility for their actions whether on your property or after they leave.

Tired of the same old games at your parties? Trying to come up with some fun ideas for your New Years Eve party? Here are some games to get your New Years party started.

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