Original New Year's Eve Party Ideas

For many people, New Year's Eve parties begin and end with a bunch of people drinking, dancing, kissing and watching the ball drop in Times Square. This need not be so, however. New Year's Eve offers the opportunity to enjoy a party that isn't bound to tradition like a Christmas or Halloween party. When you're looking for New Year's Eve party ideas, let your imagination run wild.

Try a New Year's Eve Cruise
Single-night cruises on New Year's Eve are becoming one of the hottest tickets in the cruise industry. These ships typically set sail for about five or six hours and are jam-packed with fun and excitement. Expect dancing, champagne, dinner and the most spectacular view of the New Year's fireworks display in town. From New York to San Francisco to Hawaii, New Year's Eve cruises offer perhaps the most memorable goodbye to the old year and hello to the new that you'll ever experience.

New Year's Eve Adventures
New Year's Eve cruises aren't the only new game in town. In fact, New Year's Eve as a travel holiday is becoming bigger and bigger. You can find New Year's Eve travel packages that will have you celebrating the big day all around the globe. New Year's Eve in Las Vegas has become the biggest night of the year in a city where it often seems as if every night is New Year's Eve. All the big casinos offer special travel deals, but in order to take advantage you absolutely have to make plans early. It doesn't really even matter which resort you intend on falling asleep in around five or six hours into the new year; most of those who spend New Year's Eve in Vegas engage in what is called the "casino crawl" as they make their way from one jam-packed gambling mecca to another.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is enjoying your New Year's Eve party at Walt Disney World. Much more family friendly than Vegas, you should also plan on making arrangements well in advance. You also need to realize how vitally important it is to get to the park of your choice early and plan on staying there throughout New Year's Eve. Unlike in Vegas, crawling from one park to another is not only inadvisable, it will probably be impossible. Choose the Disney World park at which you'd most like to spend all of New Year's Eve and plan on staying there.

Throw Your Own Party
Of course, it is possible to have a memorable New Year's Eve party without leaving your house. Hosting a New Year's party can be as simple as inviting a few friends over or as complicated as renting a venue and hiring a band. If you plan on a party to welcome the New Year in style, however, make certain you reserve well in advance. New Year's Eve has in recent years become one of the most popular dates for weddings. As a result, many venues will be rented out months in advance.Who gets invited to your New Year's Eve party will also make a huge difference. While the traditional view of the end-of-the-year celebration involves champagne, or at least some kind of spirits, remember that not only does everyone not actually drink alcohol, but also some who do really shouldn't. It is in everyone's best interest to pre-arrange a lineup of guests who will volunteer to be designated drivers. If you are throwing the party, you may find yourself being held liable for allowing someone drunk to get behind the wheel. Setting up some sober drivers to get your less sober friends home safely not only makes legal sense, but it also may save the lives of your friends, too. If you can't find anyone willing to sit out the drinking that is common during New Year's Eve parties, then become familiar with your city's taxi service. Many towns offer free taxi services or free subway and bus service to those unable to drive themselves home on New Year's Eve.

You may not have this problem, however, because your party may be more family-oriented. If kids are coming to your party, you will need to think of ways to keep them entertained since New Year's doesn't really have the built-in attractions of Christmas or Halloween. One way to make a New Year's Eve party come alive for kids is to treat it like a party for another holiday. For instance, you could call it a New Year's Eve party but design it like it was Halloween by turning it into costume party. Or, instead of hoping that the kids will be excited by watching the ball drop in Times Square, create your own enormous ball stuffed with candy and prizes, and open it at midnight.

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