Funny New Years Resolutions

Making funny New Year's resolutions could be the trick that gets you closer to meeting your goals. As most people know, there's a lot of distance between making a New Year's resolution and keeping it. Working hard to meet a goal doesn't always pay off with immediate rewards, but approaching the task with a sense of humor will make the journey more fun.

Some funny New Year's Resolutions include the following:

  • Not sitting in the house all day.
  • Not sitting in the house all day in pajamas.
  • Living in the future instead of in the past.
  • Not worrying about the future.
  • Watching more TV.
  • Using the Internet more.
  • Watching less TV.
  • Doing more housework instead of playing on the Internet.
  • Reading more.
  • Gaining weight.
  • Bringing a bagged lunch to work to save money.
  • Coming up with new excuses for taking time off work, instead of using the same old excuses every time.
  • Remembering to shower and use deodorant every day.
  • Taking fewer baths to conserve water.
  • Giving up a certain food, such as chocolate.
  • Paying more attention to the children, rather than the Internet.
  • Not sending texts to your significant other, especially when that person is sitting in the same room.
  • Asking for directions.
  • Reading manuals.
  • Not repeating jokes or stories over and over at every gathering of family and friends.
  • Cutting long hair.
  • Growing short hair.
  • Not considering others' feelings for once.

Read between the lines on these resolutions, and you'll see that they're not far from the perennial favorites of eating better, getting in shape and spending more quality time with family and friends. They're just phrased in funny ways, and when you mention these resolutions to others, you're sure to get a laugh.

Remember, too, that you can make some resolutions that are pure fun. Perhaps this is the year that you'll learn French cooking, write a novel, take that dream vacation to Paris or simply act silly with your kids. You can use fun resolutions as a reward for meeting slightly more serious goals, or simply build the coming year around them. What matters is that you set a goal for yourself, try to meet it, laugh it off when you fail and then try to meet it again.

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