Engaging Adult Birthday Party Games

Adult birthday party games can liven up any birthday party that is at risk of turning dull. The best games to play at a birthday party should honor the birthday guy or gal and get everyone involved in the festivities. Here are some suggestions:

Age-Related Birthday Games
Past Decades Trivia Contest
What You Need: Questions from the appropriate decade, downloaded from the Web or from a store-bought game; a three-minute timer; paper and pen for keeping score.

How To Play: Divide into two or more teams depending on the number of players. Teams of four will work well.

One person from the opposing team reads a question to the members of the team going first. The team members work together to try to answer the most correct answers possible in three minutes. Once a wrong answer is given, it becomes the next team's chance to guess. If that team gets the answer correct, they go on to play for their points in the three minutes. If they get the question wrong, and a third team is playing, the question is offered to the third team. If not, team two gets a chance to play their round, but they do not get a point for the incorrect question. The team who amasses the most points when all questions have been asked wins.

Music And Dancing
What You Need: A karaoke machine and songs from the birthday guest's high school years.

How To Play: Load up the machine with songs. Divide the guests into teams of four players.

A song is played. The team going first gets up together to sing it. If they mess up the lyrics or don't know the song, they sit down. If they complete the song (or a portion of the song determined in advance), they get a point. If they do not, they don't get the points. The next team takes a turn with the next song. Dancing is encouraged.

Get To Know Each Other

The Experience Game

What You Need: Slips of paper and pens for everyone, plus a bowl or hat.

How To Play: Have every guest write down five things they personally have done that could be significant. Examples include a trip to France, or making the perfect chocolate soufflé. It can be any experience, bad or good, and the more creative, the better. The caveat is it must be true for the person writing it. Each item is placed into the bowl or hat and mixed around.

All players sit in a circle on chairs. The first player picks and reads one slip from the bowl. Whoever has done the thing listed on the slip must get up from her chair and switch to another chair. The player left standing reads the next slip. Alternately, have the birthday guest read every slip, and players tally how many things they personally have done that are read. The person with the highest number of tallies at the end is dubbed the most experienced guest.

With these adult party games, guests will be encouraged to mingle, and the birthday guy or gal won't have to worry if people aren't having fun.

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